Subscrible wants to offer an ad-free mobile gaming catalogue, will it succeed?

Subscrible comes courtesy of a team of Playrix veterans

Subscrible wants to offer an ad-free mobile gaming catalogue, will it succeed?
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  • Subscrible wants to be the new, free, no-ads game catalog
  • The team behind it is made up of ex-Playrix devs
  • They claim that their new service will set a new standard for ad-free game services

Adverts, they're the bane of our existence. And mobile game ads are a multi-headed hydra of awfulness, as even the best and most innovative tend to grate when they're thrown at you non-stop. Developers and publishers try to balance finding new users without driving them away by bombarding them constantly.

Enter Subscrible, a new ad-free catalogue founded by ex-Playrix devs. Subscrible is the latest service to try and counter the issues presented by ads, and claims to function much like Apple Arcade, albeit with one key difference; it's completely free.

Wait, huh? The main page of the Subscrible app showing some games, it's mainly purple themed.

Yeah, completely free. It's a bold claim and we're sure there's going to be more than a few caveats. But judging by the group's release and their obviously strong views on ads, such as pointing out that only 10% of what studios spend actually translates into getting new players, we wouldn't be surprised if that's what they're angling for.

Still, looking at the site and everything on it, it does feel more as if this is a tech exercise than a gaming one (the AI art isn't helping in that regard). Still, if it works out it could very well be a new contender in the space...but that's a big if. Right now, more than ever, ads are very hit or miss and there's no telling what'll click with potential players.

Still, there's no reason to be alarmed about your favourite titles. There are more games than ever on mobile, and this year is already stacked; check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find out just what our top picks are!

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Iwan Morris
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