Stray Cat Doors 3 is a recently released puzzle game perfect for kids and adults alike

Stray Cat Doors 3 is a recently released puzzle game perfect for kids and adults alike
  • Stray Cat Doors 3 is the latest in a surprisingly long-running series
  • You'll explore your environment to solve simple puzzles, assisted by adorable stray cats
  • It looks to be perfect for an all-ages player, or kids just getting into mobile games

Stray Cat Doors 3 is the latest entry in a surprisingly unknown series, and one we think is perfect for kids and adults alike. You play as a young girl wearing a black cat hat and - as the title might imply - discover stray cats while solving puzzles and progressing through the story. It's also, as we just noted, the third entry in a surprisingly long-running series.

It's always good to find games like this which have flown under the radar despite clearly high production values and cutesy artwork. It's rarer still to find one that manages to combine puzzles with gameplay and story in such a seamless way, as you explore your environment you'll find a variety of different object-matching puzzles, hidden objects and more. It evokes the kind of older PC adventure games you might've played as a kid, only with a more modern, stylish flair.

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You can check out the preview trailer for Stray Cat Doors 3 above!

But, naturally, a game like this may be a little TOO cute and stylised for most adult players. However, if there's anything we also like to promote it's something that'd be suitable for kids and isn't just the usual flashy, mind-numbing fare destined to turn your child's brain to mush.

And while we can't vouch for the developmental benefits of a game like Stray Cat Doors 3, if you need something to occupy a younger player and introduce them to simple puzzles, you could probably do a lot worse than this. And with a family-friendly story and - what else? - cats to complement this cozy story, it should be suitable for all ages!

And if cats and stylised artwork are your thing, but Stray Cat Doors 3 seems just a little TOO twee for you, why not check out something a bit more highbrow? Please, Touch the Artwork 2 is an educational game that hides its informative nature behind some incredibly solid hidden object puzzling and more as you explore the works of famous Flemish artist James Ensor.


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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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