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Top 10 most interesting settlement designs in State of Survival

Top 10 most interesting settlement designs in State of Survival

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The zombie apocalypse genre is one of the most popular mobile game genres, whether they're strategy games or RPG shooters. But there is a game that combines all this: State of Survival. In this title, players must survive in a world that is dying from a zombie apocalypse. And to survive, you need to build a reliable and practical shelter. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most interesting Settlement designs in State of Survival.

When playing State of Survival, you need to find resources from time to time to survive. Moreover, you'll face off against not only zombies but also other players. Therefore, you need to build a base where your survivors can rest and train. Fortunately, the game has a lot of different options to build a base. To make it easier for you to create a cool shelter, we have compiled the most impressive Settlement designs in State of Survival.

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Most of the time, you'll be in the Settlement, so you'll want it to look cool. But sometimes it can be hard to come up with a good design from scratch. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the most interesting Settlement designs in State of Survival so that you can recreate the same Settlements or use them as inspiration.

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Easy-to-Use Settlement

Source: YouTube Be A Pineapple

This is a Settlement that saves you time when looking for buildings in your base, but you will have to start building it right from the beginning. This design is straightforward: you should create single-use, intel, and produce buildings in different parts of your Settlement so you can collect all the resources produced much faster.

Four Farm Settlement

Source: YouTube satane

This design is great for beginners as they don't have a huge amount of buildings. As you know, resource extraction plays a crucial role. Therefore, the first buildings you build in your Settlement are farms. And in this Settlement design, you must place four farming buildings of each type. In addition, when more buildings become available to you, you will be able to expand your farms.

Farm Settlement

Source: YouTube satane

This design is a bit similar to the previous one, but it can be even more practical. In the centre of your Settlement, you must place the Headquarters. And on all four sides, you can place Farms. Then, you must place the rest of the buildings along the edges of your Settlement. This way, your base will look like a peaceful farming Settlement, even if you have a strong army.

Settlement on the Hill

Source: YouTube satane

While playing State of Survival, you have probably noticed that the landscape is very monotonous and flat. However, this can be fixed by using paths and trees. So, first, you must place the Headquarters in the corner of your Settlement, and then arrange the trees and paths on its sides to create the illusion of stairs.

Star Settlement

Source: YouTube satane

All you have to do is choose the trees you like the most and arrange them in the shape of a big star. It's very simple to do, but you'll be surprised at how cool it can look. You can also create other shapes this way.

Full Packed Settlement

Source: YouTube StuffSoiTV

Like in other strategy games, in State of Survival, you can unlock and upgrade more buildings as you progress. Therefore, it is essential to choose wisely where and how to place buildings. This design is suitable for those players who are ready to reach new heights in the game. Use every meter of your Settlement to put all the necessary buildings - don't forget to build a path between them so the survivors can move around your base.

The Perfectionist's Settlement

Source: Discord Flasher

Placing the buildings in State of Survival is quite difficult, as each of them has a different size, appearance, etc. However, if you are a perfectionist, this Settlement design is what you need. The essence of this design is to place buildings of the same size side by side and separate them with paths.

Settlement in the Park

Source: Discord Flasher

Every player can create a unique Settlement in State of Survival. However, there is no way to choose biomes in the game, and all Settlements are in the same locations. Still, you can add nature yourself! And for this, you will need a lot of trees and decorations. Place them in the centre of your Settlement to create a beautiful park.

Easy Collect Settlement

Source: Reddit Isaacs_

State of Survival is still a strategy game, where you must collect resources and fight other players to survive. You'll often have to manage resources, but this is inconvenient if all your farms are scattered all over the map. Therefore, place all your important buildings in the centre of the Settlement. It may not look very cool, but it is very convenient.

Three-Part Settlement

Source: Discord Introvert

And to complete our list, we have another practical design. As the name suggests, in Three-Part Settlement, you divide your base into three segments and place certain buildings there. It looks like a combination of the Easy-to-Use Settlement and Easy-to-Collect Settlement designs. The division of Settlements into three parts looks beautiful too.

That's all you need to know about the top 10 most interesting Settlement designs in State of Survival. All of them are different and will be able to fit the tastes of different players. What's more, you can use them as the basis to create your own unique State of Survival Settlement.

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