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State of Survival Reservoir raid guide

State of Survival Reservoir raid guide

The purpose of State of Survival isn't always focused on territorial battles between players but on the destruction of the undead that have infested the world and the impede restoration of humanity. It gives the impression that players are nicer to one another than in typical real-time strategy games. State of Survival remains a game recommended for newcomers with no experience in real-time strategy, as it has a well-thought-out strategy guide on what to do next. In this guide below, we will tell you a little bit about the mission and then discuss the reservoir raid in State of Survival.


State of Survival allows players to take missions that are updated every few hours to obtain special materials or to rescue survivors, all to improve their fighting skills. If a player is stuck developing their base because something is missing or they are out of time, they can complete these "missions" to receive the rewards. Additionally, State of Survival periodically holds events where players can collect certain characters. Information about the events is advertised after logging in and is also introduced on State of Survival's official SNS. Taking part actively allows players to strengthen their base and characters, and build up the strongest team. One of these events is going on right now.


It is a bi-weekly event where teams meet in a one-on-one battle to get the most water for their team. The two teams are sent into a vast desert where there are a couple of buildings with water gathering and purification. To achieve victory over the enemy, these bases must be defended.

During the event, players in teams will fight each other for resources and territory throughout the map. The team that manages to lay hands on more territory and retain it, receives the largest amount of purified water and wins the raid.

However, before taking part in the event, you should be acquainted with the following points:

  • Only leaders and R4 members from the top 20 alliances are allowed to register.
  • Before the match, the process takes around four days (registration starts and ends).
  • After completing the registration process, the player will be paired with an opponent.
  • After the registration time has finished, the raid participants can't be altered.
  • Players who joined the alliance after registration time has ended cannot become part of the raid or receive rewards.
  • The Reservoir League and Reservoir Raid cannot run in parallel.


This list of troops will extremely useful during the event:

  • Rally joiners
  • Rally Leader
  • Ringer
  • Roamer
  • Spotter
  • Support

Support & Rally Joiners

  • Do not send the best heroes out for marches; instead, keep them at home for defence.
  • If a player doesn't have a lot of options for sending characters on a campaign, don't send all of them at once, or their vulnerability will go up significantly.
  • It is advisable to leave most of your characters at home.


  • Weaken opponents, making their powerless characters incapacitated even at the beginning of the game.
  • The fewer supports opponents have, the harder it will be for them to retain territories.
  • Reset any water tanks that opponents have occupied.

Rally leaders

  • Define the player's team's location in clusters.
  • Stay near the buildings that release the most water.
  • To maximize movement, only strengthen members when essential.

Battle Stages

  • Stage 1 consists of water treatment plants, water processing plants, power plants, and abandoned landing sites.
  • Stage 2 includes a central reservoir, military plants, and a scientific base.
  • Stage 3: Water collectors are refreshed at random.

Buildings and locations

The canyon contains a variety of structures. Purified water can be collected from catchment areas, military bonuses can be activated at a military plant, control time can be reduced at a solar power station, displacer recovery time may be reduced by utilising a landing site, and swarms of infected can be sent from a scientific lab to enemy structures.

  • The central reservoir (the largest source of purified water. The alliance that occupies it first and holds it will have a decent chance to win).
  • Water treatment centres (they are required to collect purified water while also maintaining a strategic location in the Canyon).
  • Water processing plants (water recycling plants appear all over the territory, in random places. It is important to make an abstraction of water there. Watersheds are renewed at intervals of three times and are an important source of water).
  • Landing pad (an abandoned landing pad increases the pace with which alliance recovers free enhanced navigators).
  • Solar power station (reduce the time it takes to occupy structures in half),
  • Military factory (increases assault and unit movement speed).
  • Scientists Base (assault hostile structures and cause damage to opposing soldiers, diminishing their defensive and attack capabilities. Until the third wave, each succeeding batch of infected is stronger than the preceding one).

The round finishes after 60 minutes. The player will get their awards via mail system immediately following the finish of the raid. The player receives 40 solo purified water for every 10,000 enemy troop forces slain when protecting a structure, and 80 solo purified water for every 10,000 enemy troop forces slain when attacking a structure.


  • Do not forget that this is a team game, so make sure that your teammates have water too.
  • Try to occupy the biggest buildings first.
  • Do not play one strategy all the time. Change it.

And this was a brief guide to the State of Survival reservoir raid and a few tips on how to win. Assuming you are a fan of the game, we can suggest taking a peek at the best heroes in State of Survival and redeeming some of the State of Survival codes that we are updating weekly.