State of Survival and Call of Antia celebrate the love month with special content and in-game items

State of Survival and Call of Antia celebrate the love month with special content and in-game items

FunPlus is joining in on all the love this month with a series of delectable Valentine's Day events across multiple titles. In particular, new content and special skins are up for grabs in State of Survival and Call of Antia beginning February 13th.

In State of Survival, love is in the air despite all the gloom and doom as players can acquire Roses by killing infected (who says eliminating the undead doesn't have its merits?). Until February 18th, Roses can be obtained by using speedups and Biocaps, as well as through collecting Settlement resources and gathering resources in the Wilderness.

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Sending Roses to other players will reward users with Passion points. On the flip side, those who receive Roses will get Charm points. Of course, there will be a tally after the limited-time event, where the top ten Heartbreakers (with the most Passion points) and Absolute Charmers (with the most Charm points) will be heralded.

Meanwhile, in Call of Antia, players can claim special rewards for a limited time until February 22nd simply by logging into the game every day. During the event, players can access Valentine’s Vow - logging in for seven days will reward them with Valentine’s Exclusive 4-Star Weapon Cupid’s Arrow.

In case you've just started playing this one, we strongly suggest you use some of the Call of Antia codes, or our tier list of best heroes in Call of Antia. Both are crucially important!

State of Survival (iOS App Store, Google Play Store) and Call of Antia (iOS App Store, Google Play Store) are readily available to download as free-to-play games with in-app purchases. You can also join the community of followers over on the official Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments as well.

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