SSX iPhone on ice until 2010

EA staying quiet regarding release

SSX iPhone on ice until 2010
| SSX (iPhone)

SSX may not take the App Store approval lift until 2010, delaying a series debut on iPhone and iPod touch until late winter.

Original announced way back in March during Game Developers Conference, SSX was touted among a blockbuster 2009 line up.

Since then, EA Mobile hasn't released any additional information on the game. No screenshots have been made available either (screenshot shown from SSX Blur on Wii).

When approached to reconfirm the game's 2009 launch a company spokesperson responded, "No comment at this time."

That doesn't bode well for a 2009 release for the snowboarding series, especially when you consider few days left in the 2009 calender and that EA has another high profile title slated for a late December release: Need for Speed: Shift.

It seems highly unlikely that SSX would come out before the end of the year, then. Of course, that doesn't put a damper on our hopes for a killer touch-enabled adaptation before winter's end.