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Squad Alpha - Action Shooting tips and tricks for beginners

Here are some tips to get better in Squad Alpha - Action Shooting

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting tips and tricks for beginners
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Squad Alpha is a top-down casual shooting mobile game that has just been launched by SayGames. In this post, we will talk about some Squad Alpha - Action Shooting tips and tricks for beginners that will help any new player hopping into the action.

Tip #1 - Use your both thumbs to play

So, you can easily play the game by just using one thumb. But If you want to be perfect, then use both your thumbs. You can use your right thumb for continuous movement and the left thumb to reload the weapons on the go.

Squad Alpha Tip #1 - use both hands

Tip #2 - Use the best available weapons.

You will often have many powerful weapons in your inventory but you will be using standard weapons unless you remember to equip the powerful ones. So every 2-3 matches, go to the inventory and pick the best available guns in your loadout. One of the most obvious Squad Alpha tips that we can give but it's still worth mentioning.

use the most powerful weapons

Tip #3 - Salvage what you don't need

As you play more, you will gather many duplicate weapons of the ones you don't use. So rather than keep them in your inventory, you should Salvage them, which will get you some items that you will need to upgrade weapons.

Squad Alpha tip #3

Tip #4 - Upgrade your favourite weapons

Everyone has a favourite weapon that they like using the most. Make sure to upgrade your favourite weapons, which will increase their stats, making them more potent against the enemies.

Weapon upgrades

Tip #5 - Collect resources

Unlike other similar games, in Squad Alpha, the resources aren't automatically gathered. When you finish an enemy, it will drop money and loot, which will not be added to your inventory if you don't collect it. So make sure you walk over the dropped loot so that it gets added before walking to the elevator.

Don't forget to collect the moeny

Tip #6 - Be aware of the gun's range

Every gun has a different range, marked by the white dotted line across the character. Shotguns have a concise range, while snipers have a massive range. So make sure you have the right weapon for each fight, whether that's close or long range.

Squad Alpha guns range

Tip #7 - Switch weapons accordingly

Choose the right weapon depending on the situation. For example, if there is a boss enemy very far away, then make use of your sniper. If 2-3 enemies have circled you, then go for the shotgun or SMG. As a general Squad Alpha tip, we would suggest being aware of your surroundings and thinking before you act.

Tip #8 - Create an all-rounder loadout

If you want to breeze through the stages in the game, then create a loadout that can be used in all situations. You would want to have a mix of long-range guns like a sniper, short-range guns like Shotguns or SMGs, medium-range guns like Rifles, and lastly, bombs.

Tip #9 -Shoot and Dodge

The shooting part in the game is handled automatically when you are standing still. So when you are facing an enemy, stay still for a couple of seconds to shoot and move to a different location to avoid their bullets. It's pretty easy to dodge bullets in Squad Alpha once you get the hang of it.

How to dodge bullets in Squad Alpha

That concludes our Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Beginner's tips and tricks. You can download the game from Google Play Store or App Store.