Updated December 29 2020: formatting changes.

If you've been playing through the heavily advertised, mobile matching game Homescapes then you might be wondering if there are Homescapes tips or cheats available to help you get through each of the levels, especially some of the tougher, later ones. That's where we come in; there aren't any cheats, sorry, but these tips will have you clearing through the levels and restoring the house in no time.

Dear old mum and dad are considering selling the old family home - a potential disaster for Austin, the doting son who doesn’t want to see the house’s legacy lost. In order to save the house, Austin must solve some match-three puzzles, earn stars, and redecorate the entire house! It can be a daunting task, but we’ve got some advice for you…

Take a look below at our Homescapes tips and tricks, and with some good luck and fast fingers, you’ll have mum and dad’s house decorated in no time at all.