Spartacus: Blood and Sand battling its way into the iPhone arena

Rome has come to us

Spartacus: Blood and Sand battling its way into the iPhone arena

Artificial Life is understandably excited to be bringing an adaptation of the new big budget Spartacus TV series to the iPhone, and promises us all the action, violence and sex (cheeky) of ancient Rome's most famous gladiator.

"We look forward to working with a number of key production and distribution partners in bringing Spartacus: Blood and Sand to life across multiple platforms and media," said Marc DeBevoise of Starz Media, which is helming the TV series.

"The projects we're developing around this franchise offer a tremendous opportunity for us to reach mobile gamers, comic book fans and online video viewers with incredibly unique and compelling content, all prior to the series' premiere of Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz."

Betrayed by his country, beaten into slavery, reborn as a warrior. Spartacus: Blood and Sand promises to be a graphic and visceral account of Rome's most notorious gladiator. When he’s separated from the love of his life, Spartacus is forced into the gruesome and bloodthirsty arena, where a grisly death is prime time entertainment - the ideal setting for a video game, though we have to wonder what Apple will think of it all.

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand TV series was revealed at this year's Comic-Con, and looks as though it's aiming to be the 300 of the small screen. But considering Lucy Lawless is in it, you can bet we're going to be glued to the TV for some hot sword and sandal action.

Here's a teaser trailer for the TV series to get your blood pumping.

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