Solo Leveling: Arise introduces new water-type healer, Meilin

The latest update also adds a new challenge-type raid, the Workshop of Brilliant Light

Solo Leveling: Arise introduces new water-type healer, Meilin
  • Nab new water-type SSR healer, Meilin Fisher
  • Battle monsters and bosses in the new Workshop of Brilliant Light
  • Enjoy Mielin and Seo Jiwoo's stories at the Hunter Archive

Netmarble has released a new update for its action RPG Solo Leveling: Arise, which introduces new content, including new hunter Meilin Fisher. Additionally, the new update also introduces a new challenge-type raid.

Meilin Fisher is a water-type SSR healer capable of manipulating water. She can also summon her guardian spirit, Berry, to aid her in battle. Her Ultimate Skill, Big Meow, boosts her allies' Critical Hit Rate and Core Attack Damage while also lowering the amount of damage they take. Meilin features an exclusive weapon SSR Hook, Line, and Sinker, which ups her Power Gauge Acquisition Rate while lowering the cooldown time for her Ultimate Skill.

Also arriving in the new update is the Workshop of Brilliant Light. A new challenge-type raid, the Workshop of Brilliant Light requires you to utilize multiple strategies in order to defeat formidable bosses and monsters.  

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You can enjoy this new raid in either Player or Hunter modes. The workshop features plenty of optional side stages in addition to its main stage. You can receive the Blessing of Brilliant Light, a buff that helps you tackle the main stage by clearing side stages. Clear the main stage to unlock higher-level artifacts such as Buring Curse, Buring Greed and Burning Blessing.

You can also immerse yourself in Meilin Fisher and Seo Jiwoo’s stories by visiting the Hunter Archive. A new skin for Meilin Fisher (Lovely Magician) and Lee Joohee (Sweet as Honey) has also been added. Further, the new Shadow Tusk makes its debut with the new update.

There are several limited-time events running through July 10th. Salvage Artifacts with Enhancement +1 or higher to earn Mana Power Imbued Fragments during May’s Salvage Project! Salvage Artifacts event. The Meilin Fisher Rate Up Celebration! Special Dice event allows you to earn special dice, which you can roll to earn rewards like Meilin Fisher’s Weapon Design and more.

Jack Brassell
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