Sole Light is a striking isometric puzzler which challenges you to control clones of yourself

Open alpha now available for iOS and Android

Sole Light is a striking isometric puzzler which challenges you to control clones of yourself
| Sole Light

Sole Light is a strikingly pretty isometric puzzler that sees you controlling clones of yourself which mirror your movements around what the developers are calling a ‘cozy dystopia’. It’s looking really quite promising, and you can give it a go for yourself as the game’s open alpha is now available for download.

The 'Imitators', as they're known here, are clones of the player character which can be turned on or off depending on where you need them to be and what you need them to do. They’ll mimic your every move if you want them to, which leads to plenty of Inside-esque puzzling.

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You’ll need to control them efficiently as you push rocks around the world and activate previously out-of-reach switches. Though the real challenge perhaps stems from the fact that the platforms beneath you have a tendency to disappear once you step off them, meaning you’ll always need to think ahead.

Your ultimate goal in every level is to reach the safety of a bonfire, which doubles as a checkpoint. There are currently six distinct chapters to work your way through, with 36 handcrafted levels in total, each boasting soothing songs from former Ubisoft composer Sam Oz.

Developer Indeep Studios compares it to the likes of Monument Valley and Playdead’s Inside, which is interesting. Visually, it is somewhat reminiscent of the former, while the latter’s mindless drones are echoed in Sole Light’s Imitators.

The game’s open alpha is now available on both iOS and Android. And remember that you’ll first need to download the Test Flight app if you want to give it a go on iOS. I like the look of this one, especially its minimalist visuals and mysterious world. Nothing has been confirmed as to when we can expect a full release, though a demo of sorts will more than suffice for now.

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