Soccer Manager shoots onto iPhone

App Store gets its first footy management sim

Soccer Manager shoots onto iPhone
| Soccer Manager

If you love football manager games as much as we do (and be warned, we've reached 2028 in Football Manager Handheld so far), you'll be chuffed to see the genre heading to iPhone.

No, SI Games's franchise hasn't made the plunge, nor has Championship Manager. But indie developer Fizz Software has released Soccer Manager, which is the first game of its type to hit the App Store.

The game lets you pick any team from the top two divisions of six European countries, offering a mixture of league and cup competitions, transfers, training, tactics and finance.

Plus there are physios, wage caps, the chance to jump ship for more appealing jobs at other clubs, and text-based matches. Which all sounds grand.

The downside could be the lack of official names: playing as Swensea against Narwich City may tire quickly (even if the latter is arguably the correct pronounciation).

Soccer Manager costs £2.99 and is available now. It'll soon have a rival in the form of a game called MYFC - more about that later this morning.