Smashing Zoo is a chaotic smash ball game out now for mobile

Smashing Zoo is a chaotic smash ball game out now for mobile
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URocks! has released Smashing Zoo on Android and iOS devices.

It is described as a “smash ball” game in which you fire balls from a large gun at different targets. These targets take the form of voxel-style objects made from hundreds of bricks, with the main goal being to demolish the entire target before you can complete a level.

Fire a smash ball at the target and watch as you slowly chip away at it, reducing it down over time to an indecipherable object tainted by destruction. The more bricks you managed to break off at once, the more points you’ll score too to climb high up the leaderboards. There’s also limited ammunition for when you’re playing, so it’s handy to practice your shots and make every one count.

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In Smashing Zoo there are four types of weapons to fire the smash balls from: a cannon, a shotgun, a grenade and a machine gun. The smash balls themselves take the form of various different animals, including a cow, a cat, a donkey, an elephant, a hog, an ostrich, a rabbit, a seal, & a sheep. There are bonus birds flying around the level, which you can hit for bonus points as well as earning more coins and ammo.

With over 300 levels, there will at least be enough content here to soothe fans of this genre. Its whimsical cartoonish style and fanciful music makes it an easy pickup for children and casual mobile players, while the smooth game control means it’ll work well for both long and short play sessions.

You can download Smashing Zoo and start smashing from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title containing adverts and in-app purchases.

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Olly Smith
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