Tap up a politician in Smack It! Election for iPhone

Give Nick, Dave and Gordon what for

Tap up a politician in Smack It! Election for iPhone
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Are you bored of the election yet, or is your heartbeat slowly rising with every cry of bigot and hung parliament?

Well, just in time for those frustrated with the turn of events, The Game Creators' politically themed - and free - version of its whack-a-mole Smack It! game has hit the App Store.

And hitting is, of course, the operative word as you get 60 seconds to bash the MPs as they try to make a speech.

The small twist is before starting you have to pick a party to support and every MP you tap of that colour will dock a vote from their total.

Each MP from the other two parties who manages to stand up and sit down again without being tapped will gain a vote.

Smack It! Election is out now for iPhone and iPod touch.
Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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