Bash the politicians in iPhone's forthcoming Smack It! Election

Clegged in the chops

Bash the politicians in iPhone's forthcoming Smack It! Election
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Everyone seems ballyhoo about the first debate between the three main UK political parties, but if you want to bash them on the nose, there's going to be a game for that.

From The Game Creators (who also made Smack It! Deluxe), Smack It! Election is a free whack-a-mole game set in Parliament, in which you get to bash the MPs as they try to make a speech.

Each MP you bash subtracts a vote from that party's total.

If you miss and the MP isn't bashed in time, he gets to cast his vote.

At the start of the game, you get to choose which party you want to win, so you have to make sure you're hitting the correct colours.

It's all over in 60 seconds, and is described as being a bit of lighthearted fun.

Smack It! Election has been submitted to Apple and should be out next week.
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