SkateBIRD: A few tips to get your birdie shredding

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SkateBIRD: A few tips to get your birdie shredding

Rolling and Flying

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Here are a few SkateBIRD tips to help you out on your path to becoming a bird skating legend. SkateBIRD is a humorous game that is exactly what the name implies. You play as a bird who rides a skateboard. Being such a small animal, you'll skate around in smaller locations including a bedroom in a house among other places. 

For the most part, the game is pretty straightforward, but it's a bit different compared to games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or Skate. You'll need to navigate the parks and start stringing together some tricks. 

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You're not going to be going crazy with combos right away but once you get comfortable with the controls, you'll be chirping with excitement as you nail tricks. 

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Get Comfortable With Ollies

So this seems like a super simple thing but it can be key to helping you pull off moves. The timing of your ollie jumps is important when going up ramps and such. This will allow you to get enough air to perform different moves at the park.

It won't take you long to get used to it so don't worry. It is just an ollie after all. But, as with other skateboarding games, a good hop can open doors for tricks but the gameplay is slightly different from the other games you know and that's kind of what makes SkateBIRD unique.

There's no real pressure on each level so you can freely work on your skills. Getting the timing of your ollies is a start and from there, you'll be on your way to greatness. It's pretty satisfying once you get things down and you can have some laughs along the way.

Take Advantage of Your Bird's Ability

What's the one, important thing that birds can do? Fly. And so, just because a bird is riding around on a skateboard that doesn't it mean it can't flap its wings a bit. So, this pretty much goes back to performing ollies and when doing so, you can tap the button again to gain more air.

This is very useful if you're trying to pull off some solid combos. Sometimes you won't even need to use a ramp, and can just double jump your way to a smooth score. The ability to double jump is easily one of the more unique things you'll see in a skateboarding game and since you are a bird, why not?

Practice your moves with this ability and start to get cosy with it. Once you do, you'll be racking up the scores in no time. It makes things a bit easier being able to gain that extra chunk of air. Time the extra jump well, and you may be able to squeeze an extra trick in.

Flip Tricking to Greatness

This particular tip can apply to most skateboarding games, but maybe even more so in SkateBIRD. Performing flip tricks are really easy and you don't need ramps to do them of course. Mastered that double jump ability? Great, now you should be able to nail multiple flip tricks.

These are simple and can rack up your score and fill up your "FANCY" meter. This meter will allow you to gain speed and do tricks at a greater rate, letting you get some sick combos. Also, to coincide with your flip tricks, be sure to hit some manuals to keep the combos going.

It can be tricky at first to balance the manuals out, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to really string together some combos. Pull up and down on the left analogue stick on your Switch controller or Switch Lite to pull off a manual, the perfect marriage with flip tricks.

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