Velocity Ultra and Sine Mora are your PlayStation Plus games for May

We hope you like spaceships

Velocity Ultra and Sine Mora are your PlayStation Plus games for May
| Sine Mora

PlayStation Plus members in Europe will get a pair of highly rated PS Vita games as part of their subscription package in May.

First up, there's Sine Mora, a side-scrolling bullet-hell shmup from Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture.

The game's got an interesting story, with two intertwining plots from different eras. And the game's creators toy with time in novel ways - you can slow down time to dodge bullets, for example, while your ship's health is measured in minutes.

Sine Mora

In our Silver Award review of Sine Mora, we said that it "definitely isn't for those with soft skin - it'll pound you with bullets from all directions until you're left buffeted and bruised".

"But if you're made of the right stuff you shouldn't miss out on this polished and innovative take on the bullet-hell genre."

Sine Mora will be free for PlayStation Plus users from May 8th.

Velocity Ultra

From May 15th, however, you'll also be able to download Velocity Ultra. This is a Vita-powered remake of a much-loved PlayStation minis game, with additional trophies, online scoreboards, and HD graphics.

When we reviewed the original Velocity, we said it "exudes creativity and quality every step of the way". Then, we slapped a big gold medal on its chest.

Don't delay downloading April's PlayStation Plus content, by the way. Bonkers puzzle-adventure Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward will be removed from the service on May 8th, while cuboid indie game Thomas Was Alone will be removed on May 22nd.