Shovel Pirate is a 2D platformer where you are a buccaneering, platforming penguin

Shovel Pirate is a 2D platformer where you are a buccaneering, platforming penguin
  • Shovel Pirate is a cutesy puzzle-platformer out now
  • You play as a piratical penguin pilfering buried treasure
  • It's a simple yet effective take on the 2D platformer formula

As we write about hundreds of mobile games weekly if not daily, it's not uncommon for some of them to slip under our radar. And we assume that's the same for you so we're always eager to spotlight ones that we catch out. Enter Shovel Pirate, a fun-looking 2D platformer very much in the vein of other genre classics that has you playing as a piratical penguin digging up and pilfering various goodies as you move through 15 handcrafted levels.

What's a penguin doing in tropical waters?

Before you ask, yes we know there are tropical penguins.

Coming from developer Neutronized, responsible for the Slime Labs and Super Cat Tales series, Shovel Pirate is out now for Android and iOS. While Shovel Pirate is the first of their games to make the jump to Steam, they did cut their teeth on mobile so it's nice to see the game being available there too. It's also unique to find a straightforward platformer on mobile that isn't coming from an existing franchise or has some other twist on the existing formula.

You can check out the trailer for Shovel Pirate below! You can also check out Neutronized's website for updates about their upcoming games and existing catalogue.

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It's rare to see something that's such a throwback without, as we said, some kind of twist (although there's definitely a bit of Wario sprinkled in there). And while it's always good to experiment there's something to be said about taking an established formula and executing it well. We're excited to see what Neutronized comes up with next, and whether they'll keep returning to mobile!

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