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Shovel Knight: Dig launches onto Apple Arcade today

Shovel Knight: Dig launches onto Apple Arcade today
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The highly anticipated Shovel Knight Dig has launched onto Apple Arcade as of today. This metroidvania from Nitrome and Yacht Club Games is a new entry into the already legendary Shovel Knight series, which has seen a ton of acclaim since its first iteration launched a few years back.

Shovel Knight Dig is, at its core, another Shovel Knight game. You can expect a lot of the same sort of gameplay mechanics, like the usual 2D pixel art style, chiptune music, and classic metroidvania gameplay. The differences start to show themselves in the level structure, as rather than stage-by-stage like the other Shovel Knight games, Dig is actually a roguelite.

So, really, take the Shovel Knight gameplay and all of the loops alongside the mechanics such as bouncing off enemies using your shovel and collecting gems as loot. Can’t forget those Mega Man-style boss battles or the deeply hilarious sense of humour that Shovel Knight has always had as well!

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Of course, being a roguelite, there’s plenty of loot to grab during your run that then transfers into the abundance of unlockables that will make future runs easier and easier, allowing you to get further and further every time. This makes the loop of trying to dig deeper and deeper while engaging with mechanics that are familiar if you’ve played the prequels quite fun, and gives a ton of reasons to keep playing to try and unlock everything.

Rather than being side-scrolling, Shovel Knight Dig has you going down. This adds a new worry as you progress, as you will not be able to dig up, so you have to watch your moves and make sure you don’t accidentally doom yourself by digging yourself into a corner.

Add on the risk of the giant drill digging down above you that does not stop moving, and there’s a lot of tension to deal with that makes you want to move as fast as possible. All in all, these mechanics group into a wonderfully tight roguelite experience that will feel right at home in the hearts of anyone who’s played the Shovel Knight series.

If you’re looking to give it a shot yourself, you can download Shovel Knight Dig on Apple Arcade right now as long as you’re subscribed to the platform, so go check it out!

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