Fantasy RPG Shop Titans shares impressive first-year player stats

More in store for the game's second year

Fantasy RPG Shop Titans shares impressive first-year player stats
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Running and upgrading a fantastical shop has been the focus of several recent RPGs, though one that arguably does it better than the rest on mobile is Kabam's Shop Titans. The game recently celebrated its first anniversary, and with almost any game milestone comes lots of lovely stats to sift through.

For starters, a total of 16,310,630 heroes were created in Shop Titans' first year by 5+ million players. Those heroes then went on to complete 23 million quests, craft 6,517,924,682 items, and purchase 107,470,914 shop upgrades with their combined 152,795,422,026,562 gold. Goodness me.

The top 5 most crafted items include the shortsword (274,566,365), kitchen knife (204,603,056), cuirass (175,654,645), antidote (150,621,912), and longsword (146,148,893). 191,193,657 handy shivs have also been used, and to put that into some perspective, and a chain of those (coming in at roughly 477,984km) would wrap around the earth 12 times, or shoot past the moon.

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The game's Lost City of Gold proved to be quite the hit, with 23,718,863 runs having been successfully completed. Shop Titans has also benefitted from regular updates since its June 2019 launch – 13 in total, to be precise.

"It's been amazing to see the continued love and support from our players since Shop Titans launched a year ago. With the new addition of Pets, Tower of Titans, and regular seasonal updates, everyone at Kabam could not be more humbled, as we too love our community of shopkeepers," said Kabam Montreal's Frédérik Laporte-Morais. "We're working hard to deliver even more amazing content and in-game features on a regular basis, and there is a lot more in store for Shop Titans' second year of service."

If you quite fancy running your own store in a neat fantasy setting, you'll find Shop Titans available for download now from both Google Play and the App Store.

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