Shadow Quest Adventure RPG is an old-school RPG inspired by the 1980s

Explore a world full of innumerable castles, caves, and mysterious creatures

Shadow Quest Adventure RPG is an old-school RPG inspired by the 1980s
  • Old school RPG inspired by games from the '80s and '90s
  • Choose your avatar and explore a massive world full of things to do
  • Costs $7.99, with a sequel already in development

After a rocking Kickstarter campaign, 5 Legends Games has just released its latest project, Shadow Quest Adventure RPG, which is the perfect title if you're looking for something old-school. Inspired by powerhouses such as King’s Bounty, Hero’s Quest, and Bard’s Tale, this game transports you to a medieval fantasy realm where you can immerse yourself in epic quests, fierce battles, and thrilling adventures.

Shadow Quest sticks to its old-school RPG roots, allowing you to create your own avatar as you explore a world full of innumerable castles, caves, and mysterious creatures. As you travel, you'll encounter rulers who will entrust you with quests to rid the lands of evil. The caves are full of buried treasures and magical items. On your journey, you will also encounter several NPCs, some friendly, while others must be enslaved.

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Keep getting your hands on new weapons and armour to ensure that your character uses only the best of the best. It will come in handy when you take on multiple monsters and villains in single combat. Of course, you can also recruit allies, who will participate in multi-battles with you.

The content doesn’t stop there because Shadow Quest also features a lot of minigames that will ensure the safety of your kingdom. Construct buildings that will efficiently churn out resources to use in battle. These lands are full of evil, and you must follow the trail of the vicious leaders until they’re all defeated.

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If that wasn’t all, the studio is already working on a sequel of the game, which is more focused on multiplayer gameplay. Once you finish the first game, you should be able to seamlessly transfer your avatar, equipment, buildings, and army to the second, ensuring that your journey continues right from where you left it off.

Download Shadow Quest Adventure RPG by clicking on your preferred link below.

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