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Seven Knights Idle Adventure guide for new players

Seven Knights Idle Adventure guide for new players

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Netmarble has released Seven Knights Idle Adventure, the latest addition to the Seven Knights universe. Following a successful early access period, the game is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The famous game preserves the series' legacy while introducing new idle mechanics for accessibility on various devices. With over 130 heroes, 20 pets, and 180 costumes, the game offers a fresh take on beloved characters with expanded storylines and charming SD avatars.

This is indeed an interesting idle game, but we have more in our basket.

Our role here is to assist new players in navigating the game, helping them understand hero strengths and weaknesses. So, this being said, it's time to check out what you came here for, and that is the best tips for new players.

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Tip #1: Getting started

On the game's main screen, you'll see your character located on the map corresponding to your current level, which could be outside a city, in a forest, or in a cave, depending on your progress. You can guide your characters' journey manually using touch controls, or you can enable auto mode to let them fight automatically. The team's movement will follow the arrangement of your troops. The camera angle can be adjusted to three levels: close, medium, and far, according to your needs.

In Seven Knights Idle Adventure, you begin your journey as Elka, who is a long-range damage dealer. Eventually, more characters like Atlanta, Pompo, and Karen join the team, each offering a unique set of abilities. The starter pack provides a diverse range of characters, including those dealing magical and physical damage alongside tanks, and healers, which ensures a well-balanced start to your adventure. But when the higher levels get tougher, you will have to focus on summoning legendary heroes who are strong enough to take on the challenge.

Tip #2: Understanding the Gameplay

One of the game's distinctive features is its idle gameplay. Even when you're not on your phone, your character continues to gather resources in real time, so you don’t have to worry about missing rewards. This is perfect chilled-out gameplay for those who don’t want to spend hours on their phone. The boss summoning system presents challenges with varying levels of difficulty; some of them include minions and powerful AoE attacks. To beat them, you will have to break some ankles, dodge boss attacks, upgrade your characters, strategically position your team, and select the right combo. Speaking of which, shield-granting heroes are a really important addition, so you can be at ease when you enable auto-summon bosses, sparing you from manual intervention.

Tip #3: Dungeon Content Modes

Beyond the adventure experience, the game offers limited-time dungeon modes, such as the gold coin farming dungeon, the knight experience, and the relics dungeon, which help in character upgrades.

Additionally, there are knight-branded and treasure-shard dungeons, each with a daily key entry limit of three. Don't miss out on these modes to maximise your in-game benefits. We will give you the best composition for each one.

Hero Composition for the Gold Dungeon

In the Gold Dungeon, it's advantageous to use ranged heroes. They gain a significant damage boost of 230% for range types. Additionally, buff heroes play a crucial role in this dungeon. For instance, Noho provides Strike Level 4 to ranged allies, enhancing the critical hit damage of all range-type allies. Another essential buff hero is Alice, who bestows Keen Attack on all range allies, increasing their hit rate. Building a team with eight range heroes and these two buff heroes is an effective strategy for the Gold Dungeon.

Hero Composition for Hero XP Dungeon

In the Hero XP Dungeon, melee heroes are the way to go. Assemble a team of seven melee heroes and include a tank, such as Rook. He is accommodating for free-to-play players, and even if you obtain a legendary tank hero, you can reset Rook. To optimise your team, consider using buff heroes like Chloe and her partner, Sarah. Chloe grants Strike Level 4 to melee allies, boosting final hit damage, while Sarah offers Keen Attack Level 4 to melee allies, increasing the critical hit rate.

Relic Dungeon Composition

In the Relic Dungeon, hero selection becomes more versatile. Choose heroes that best fit your strategy and preferences, as all heroes in this dungeon benefit from a significant 480% increase in critical hit damage. Consider the use of buff heroes like Sarah, who provides a critical hit rate increase of 16%, to further enhance your team's damage output.

Tip #4: Quest Guide

A quest guide that houses unlimited missions is presented on your main screen. While some might actually ignore it, it is considered a must to advance and unlock new content. The challenges include levelling up knights, defeating certain bosses and spending your resources. It’s worth checking every now and then when you are stuck since you might get some juicy rewards.

Another feature that you should keep in mind is the in-game ads - even though they last approximately 30 seconds, the rewards are worth the wait. Never underestimate the accumulative process.

Tip #5: Gacha System

Now this is something I really enjoy, and if you are a gacha addict, I’m sure we will be in the same boat. The game introduces a free-to-play-friendly summoning system. As it provides a generous number of tickets, you will never spend a day without spending them on your fairy dreams to get your favourite heroes. It is also considered a must since you can only level up your summon system by performing pulls (10/20/30), so you are not escaping the RNG.

On the other hand, hero summoning can be challenging since the rates to get a unique one are kind of low. But, along with tickets, you can use rubies to perform special summons. Keep track of your resources and don’t spend them randomly, especially if you are free-to-play. So, here’s a Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list of heroes to consider before investing heavily in summoning.

Tip #6: Arena Strategy

In the arena, an effective formation can make a difference. So, make sure to read all your heroes’ skills and abilities. For example, Sylvia positioned at the back can serve as a trap for assassins, who target that spot. Her immortality skill makes her a resilient target. That is a small example of the unlimited possibilities and iterations you can come up with as a strategist. Be creative with your team and enjoy the battles, as you will learn more by practising and fighting.

That's pretty much it when it comes to Seven Knights Idle Adventure guide. This guide is simple, covering only the essentials. Keep in mind that you want to aim for some of the best unique characters from the tier list since eventually, the challenges in both PvE and PvP will get tougher.

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