Seven Knights 2 releases an update featuring a new hero, pet, and other events

Seven Knights 2 releases an update featuring a new hero, pet, and other events

After releasing an early Valentine’s Day update, Netmarble is back with the second one of the month for the popular mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. The first update introduced celebratory events, costumes, and a hero while its successor adds yet another hero alongside a new pet, expanded dungeons, and more outfits and events.

The hero introduced in Seven Knights 2’s latest update is Awakened Emotion Diana, a Legendary and Attack-type character. She does a good job as a finisher, specifically dealing damage to enemies that are already low on health.

Her skillset allows her to target enemies regardless of them being disguised or unrecognisable. In addition to this, her attacks also remove any enemy buffs, also making her stronger in the process. Diana will definitely do well in pressure situations where concluding the battle quickly is necessary.

Two costumes have been made available for Diana – Calm Night Sky and Fragrant Warm Breeze. Between February 15th and March 2nd, players that log into Seven Knights 2 will receive Diana for free. Participating in missions and push events will grant Diana’s Memory Orbs.

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The Orbs can be exchanged in the special Diana’s Memory Shop for a variety of items. The list includes her Calm Night Sky costume and a new profile icon among other things.

Furthermore, the update adds a new Legendary+ Pet, Valdur. It will have a Pet Step Up Summon Mission Event that grants bonuses which scale with the number of summons performed. The Gold Vault has also been expanded and improved with 16 stages and great rewards for completion. This will up the pace of Gold Supply and player growth.

Get your hands on Awakened Emotion Diana and Valdur by downloading Seven Knights 2 now for free. Check out the official Facebook page for more information.

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