Secret Neighbor lets you betray your friends in a fun social horror game, coming to iOS next week

Secret Neighbor lets you betray your friends in a fun social horror game, coming to iOS next week

Secret Neighbor, the thrilling multiplayer social horror game born from the world of Hello Neighbor, is coming to iOS on June 17th. Pre-orders are now open on the App Store, so you won’t have to wait too long to sneak around and unlock the basement door - or betray all of your friends’ trust, for that matter.

In Secret Neighbor, six players try their best to scavenge around the house with the ultimate goal of getting into the mysterious basement. There’s a catch, however - there’s one traitor in the group, and this creepy Neighbor can disguise himself as another player at any time. The Neighbor is appointed once the game starts, and he’ll have to gain the trust of the other players - or pin someone else as the Judas of the group - and betray them when it matters most.

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To triumph over this exciting social horror from tinyBuild, the rest of the innocent players will have to use their super-sleuthing skills to keep an eye on suspicious behaviours. They will need to watch out for the many traps the Neighbor has at his disposal because you’ll only have 15 minutes to unlock the basement door.

Do you stick together as you look for the keys scattered all over the house, or do you split up and comb through each area tactically? Every character will also have his or her own skills, like the ability to carry things in a backpack, being able to escape the Neighbor’s grasp, or having a really cool slingshot attack.

Secret Neighbor is now available for pre-order in the App Store as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. If you’re eager to learn more about the game that’s bound to give you trust issues, you can visit the official website for more.

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