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Second World War, Appscraft’s massive real-time strategy war game, is out now for Android

Second World War, Appscraft’s massive real-time strategy war game, is out now for Android

Appscraft’s WWII-themed online strategy game, aptly titled Second World War, is out now for Android, with the iOS version currently in a closed beta testing phase. The real-time strategy game lets you control tons of units with unique characteristics in both multiplayer and single-player campaigns, with over a hundred different units to choose from.

From the official gameplay video clips, you apparently have full control over all the units deployed on the battlefield. Since it’s an RTS game, you’ll have to plan your next move while simultaneously assigning infantry and tanks on the field, as enemies may come barging in to attack you at your weakest. After picking your side (USSR, Germany, Great Britain, and the USA), you’ll need to overwhelm your foes with massive numbers of units to gain the upper hand and turn the tide of war in your favour.

Apart from exhilarating multiplayer matches online, you can also play the game offline against AI if a wonky internet connection is a bit of an issue. The military strat game doesn’t require you to build a base or amass an army - it’s all about the pure adrenaline of the epic tank battles, with no restrictions on the battlefield (you can fight for supremacy over land, water, and sky) and no energy or stamina you need to replenish every so often.

Players can also rotate the camera and zoom in to get a better view of the artillery and aircraft in realistic 3D graphics - plus, each unit is designed with accurate detail to stay true to the aesthetics of the era.

Second World War is now readily available to download for Android devices on the Google Play Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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