Schrödinger’s Rat announced for iPhone

SouthPeak Interactive finds its way into App Store maze for first time

Schrödinger’s Rat announced for iPhone

You probably know the name SouthPeak Interactive from the handheld and living room consoles and games like Dementium, Roogoo, and Mushroom Men.

Well, the international publisher has just dropped us a line to announce its entry into the iPhone market, as publisher of a new puzzle game by developer FORMation, Schrödinger’s Rat.

The game puts a twist on the famous paradox proposed by theoretical physicist and personal friend of Albert Einstein Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger,
in which a rodent scientist (named Paradox, rather aptly) tests all the elements of the periodic table to determine which reanimates the most rats.

"Getting into the mobile marketplace is a natural evolution for us," says Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak. "The market for downloadable apps and games is huge and SouthPeak will stand out by offering the highest caliber of titles.

"Schrödinger’s Rat is a perfect example of a simple game-play mechanic with an immense amount of depth, making it a tremendously entertaining and educational value for any consumer."

This strange experiment is represented by rolling a ball around a host of different mazes using the accelerometer, with unstable walls, dead ends and anti-gravity fur balls complicating matters for the potentially simultaneously alive and dead rat.

Schrödinger’s Rat should be with us on iPhone in December at the bargain price of £0.59/$0.99, and in the meantime you can perform a bit of observational research using the video below. Just don't tell Heisenberg.

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