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Sacred Summons: Everything you need to know about Appguru Technology's oriental MMORPG

Sacred Summons: Everything you need to know about Appguru Technology's oriental MMORPG
| Sacred Summons

Oriental myths and majestic Guardians collide in Sacred Summons, as players dive into a fantasy world on a quest to defeat the malevolent Ghost Clan. The gorgeous MMORPG not only offers stunning visuals when it comes to customisable characters, but it also presents a thrilling narrative that tasks players with stopping Chaos from being released once the Seven Sigils Divine Stones break the seal.

Along with larger-than-life boss fights and a massive open world, here's everything else you can expect from Appguru Technology's latest release.

Deep character customisation features

The game offers deep personalisation features for your characters to make sure you're able to express yourself within the game. Not only are there more than a hundred cosmetic items within your arsenal - this includes pets, wings, costumes and what-have-yous - but there are also countless varieties of customisation options you can tinker around with.

From snazzy hairstyles to specific skin tones, you can craft your masterpiece and deck yourself to the nines with makeup, effects, varying eye colours and so much more - all these to make your character stand out from the crowd for the ultimate bragging rights.

Majestic mounts and Guardians to summon

Given the game's mythical theme, you can expect to summon more than 40 Guardians to aid you on your journey from the spiritual realm. These Guardians each boast its own unique appearance, character design and skill that can greatly turn the tide of battle in your favour when push comes to shove during combat.

With 6 playable classes that you can choose from, you can rain down death and destruction from afar as a ranged character or fight the forces of evil head-on as a melee attacker. Plus, you can complement these skills with a variety of mounts as well.

Intense PvP modes and dungeon raids

The game's breath-taking landscapes offer plenty of dungeons to take on either on your own or with your online buddies. There are more than 50 unique dungeon bosses for you to hunt and take down for valuable loot - plus, you can feed your competitive nature by engaging in thrilling PvP modes against thousands of fighters within the same epic battlefield.

And speaking of social features, the game also lets you take a breather with casual gameplay modes where you can simply obtain resources and relax, or even unlock dating scenarios that can eventually lead to marriage.

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The game's constant updates include an optimised user interface, improved rewards, better loot drop rates, increased rates from the summons pool, bug fixes and more, so if you're keen on joining in on all the fun, you can download Sacred Summons from the official website. You can also join the community of followers on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest developments.