Runescape announces Fresh Start Worlds event set to begin next month

Runescape announces Fresh Start Worlds event set to begin next month
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To celebrate 300 million accounts being created, the legendary Jagex-developed MMO Runescape will host the Fresh Start Worlds in-game event beginning on September 12th. This event will allow players to create new characters in a Special World where everyone begins on a level playing field.

This new Special World will also feature a brand-new economy, Grand Exchange, tradeable rewards that are quite rare, and even an accelerated XP boost for faster levelling! To sum it up, think of this world as a way to streamline a new player’s experience in the wonderful world of Runescape and allow them to get into it without worrying about being behind in levels or content progression.

Another really cool part of this deal is that you take the character created on this beginner-friendly world and, once you're ready, take that character into a normal World with all of the rewards and XP gains you gathered on that Fresh Start World. There are even event-specific rewards that can only be acquired from the Fresh Start Worlds, such as cosmetic armor, pet skins, alternative skill capes, and more!

Of course, this all applies to New Runescape. In terms of Old School Runescape, Fresh Start Worlds will launch sometime in October instead. In OSRS, players won’t have that XP boost and will instead have to rely on their wits to get ahead. It’s a bit more hardcore than New Runescape, but there will still be a brand new economy in place. Six months after the launch of this one, player characters will be transferred onto a main-game server to continue where they left off.

All in all, with this planned event, there’s never been a better time to get into Runescape. If you’d like to do so, you can check out New Runescape for free at either of the links below this article! If you’d like more details on the Fresh Start Worlds event in both games, you can check out the official Runescape website for more info!

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