Answered: Is Rogue Company crossplay?

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Answered: Is Rogue Company crossplay?

Rogue Company is probably one of the more unique shooters out there. It's not a classic FPS like Call of Duty and it's not a battle royale like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, or Free Fire. It's essentially a combination of all of these things minus the first-person perspective since you'll be playing in third-person. 

The game is free-to-play and features three different modes: Demolition, Strikeout, and Extraction. Each of these is played on several beautiful maps. Some seem to have drawn inspiration from real-world locations and architecture. 

But before taking in the action, sights, and modes, you might be wondering if you can do cross-play in Rogue Company. I will say that the game will have its own, unique version of itself exclusively for mobile called Rogue Company Mobile. While you wait, here's how you can enjoy crossplay in the game from other platforms. 

Does Rogue Company feature crossplay?

The answer to this is "yes", you can do crossplay in Rogue Company. Many free-to-play games tend to offer the ability to play across systems whether it be a console, PC, or mobile. Games like Fortnite and Rocket League (now free-to-play) are perfect game examples that use this model.

As long as you log into the primary account that you play on, you should be able to play against others from around the world, no matter the system they're playing on. Now, when Rogue Company Mobile comes out, it may be exclusive to just mobile but could also possibly feature crossplay.

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It's really that simple. Just make sure you're using the account that you typically use the most so when your progress is saved, it's going to the account you want it to go to. You can switch accounts as well if you'd like as all you need to do is link the ones that you want.

Rogue Company is available on basically every platform so if you have a little bit of everything, then definitely consider linking them all if you so wish, and then choose which one you think will be your primary option once you fire up this team-based shooter.

If you aren't sure how to link your accounts, then we have an article telling you step by step how to do so and it's very easy. Once that's done, you're officially ready to go, Rogue so get out there, battle, and have fun.