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Is Among Us cross platform? When you can and can't play multiplayer

Can people on different platforms play Among Us together?

Is Among Us cross platform? When you can and can't play multiplayer
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Among Us is still one of the biggest video games, currently being played in 2022, not dropping from the top 10 mobile charts. Therefore, you'll often hear the question: is Among Us cross platform? It’s a game everyone seems to know, from the inclusion of ‘sus’ in people’s vocabulary to the fact that it recently won the Best Mobile Game award at The Game Awards in 2020.

In case you didn’t know, Among Us is an online multiplayer game where you and a bunch of other people are trapped on a spaceship, looking to finish tasks to make your way back to Earth. The problem lies in the fact that some of the crew members on the ship are actually imposters whose goals are to kill everyone and sabotage the ship. You’ll need to vote out players who you think might be imposters while trying to play mini-games for your tasks.

But, can you play it on every device in your house? Is Among Us really a cross platform game?

The quick answer is yes, as long as “every device” in your house includes current consoles, phones and tablets, and does not include an Xbox or PS4… yet.

Despite Among Us being released back in 2018 on PC and mobile, the game has only just recently made its way onto Nintendo Switch, at a premium price, allowing you to add it to your mobile console.

When it comes to the mobile phone and tablet space, you can find Among Us on Android and iOS for free, with in-app purchases and ads. You can, of course, pay to get rid of the ads - they can be quite annoying if people are dropping in and out of matches - which they often do if they are not the imposter, shortening the game significantly.

If you are a PC gamer, you can pick up Among Us on Steam for a premium price or download it for free as a part of the Xbox Game Pass on PC. The PC version of the game comes with a lot of free outfits, which some people seem to really care about, especially if you can show off during the cross platform play with other players!

is among us cross platform

Among Us is also coming to Xbox later this year! So fear not, if you love to cross platform, there are more consoles for the game to take over.

You might be wondering if you can, on PC, play with your friends who might have Among Us on Nintendo Switch or on mobile. The answer to this is also, yes.

To answer in short, yes!

Among Us is completely cross platform, allowing you to play on any device with people on any other device. You can all join using the same code in a private match and see all of the same currently running, public matches - as long as you all pick the same server region! I often forget about the server region and end up not finding my friends, so do keep an eye on that.

The controls work great on each platform, so there isn’t one that’s far better than the other when it comes to playstyle. Nobody will have an advantage over anyone else. Among Us is still actively being developed, so we look forward to seeing which other devices the game is going to be coming to.

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