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Roblox Sword Simulator codes (September 2023)

Roblox Sword Simulator codes (September 2023)
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Updated on September 11, 2023 - Checked for new codes

Sword Simulator is a similar game to Pet X Simulator, but instead of just sending your pets out to do the dirty work, you need to fight with your sword. There are different areas with monsters and enemies that you need to use your sword to fend off. You can upgrade your weapon using the coins that you earn, unlock more areas from levelling up, and, of course, purchase pet eggs to have a little helper on the way.

It’s an action game that has you slowly grinding your way up in the world. As Roblox games often have lots of players on one server, you can actually work together with strangers or your friends when taking on enemies that are stronger or have more health than others. Sword Simulator is also a game that has previously released codes! These codes have given out a variety of different things but primarily give out a Luck Boost or Coins.

With that said, the developers of Sword Simulator state that you should see their group for new codes. This group has not been updated for the last year, with any new codes. There may be many reasons for this, but it does mean that the codes that are out there are very limited. It does look like the developers of Sword Simulator make codes for each update as well as each milestone the game hits.

If you are looking to redeem a code in Sword Simulator, it’s quite simple. When you join the game, there is a little grey block that says CODE, which can be tapped to enter a code into. Then you just need to tap redeem. 

With that in mind, let’s get into the current, active codes for Sword Simulator on Roblox.

Active Codes:
  • UPDATE21 - free boosts and rewards
  • worldcup - 30 minutes of 3x luck boost
  • UPDATE20  - luck boost
  • UPDATE19 - free boosts
  • HALLOWEENPART3 - free boosts
  • HALLOWEEN - triple luck boost
  • DUNGEONS - Free Boosts
  • Christmas2022 - Free Boosts

Expired Codes:

  • UPDATE18 - free boosts
  • UPDATE16 - Free Boosts
  • HALLOWEENHYPE - free boots
  • UPDATE15 - triple luck boost
  • 45MVISITS - Free Boosts & Rewards
  • UPDATE14 - Free Boosts & Rewards
  • UPDATE13 - Free Boosts & Rewards
  • 40MVISITS - Free Boosts & Rewards
  • UPDATE12 - Free Boosts
  • UPDATE11 - Free Boosts
  • 35MVISITS - Free Boosts
  • UPDATE10 – Free Boosts
  • 35M – Free Boosts
  • UPDATE9 - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • DUNGEONS - Redeem for Gold and Luck Boost
  • Zued's upbringing - Redeem for a 3x Coins Boost
  • UPDATE8 - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • 30M - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • UPDATE7 - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • 25M - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • UPDATE6 - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • CALAMITY BLADE - Use for a 3x Luck Boost
  • UPDATE5 - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
  • UPDATE4 - Use for a Boost
  • 20M - Redeem for a 3x Luck Boost
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