Roblox Slender - What are they?

Roblox Slender - What are they?
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Out of hundreds of fashion styles in Roblox, Slender is one of the trending styles. Are you wondering what it is exactly and how you can get your hands on it? We will answer any questions you may have and tell you more about Slender in Roblox.

Generally, Slender means slim or lean. As we know, Roblox allows customisation, players have turned the avatar into a tall and spooky-looking creature by imitating the infamous Slender Man, a character from the American horror film that started life as a creepypasta.

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What is a Slender in Roblox?

As we mentioned above, it is a tall and lean avatar design in Roblox that’s heavily inspired by Slender Man. To achieve the look, players usually customize the character with longer legs, hands and add fancy dresses to look more attractive. Usually, the character has spiked hair paired with a black shirt and pants.

How to create a Roblox Slender?

If you want to make this look for your character, then you will want to use the R15 scaling tool. It is a popular character scaling tool that lets you design and modify the existing avatars in Roblox. With the help of this tool, you can adjust the body size of the avatar and change the colours as well.

The tool is available for free and you can try it out by visiting the R15 Character Scaling Test page. The page has a tutorial on how to use it along with all the necessary commands to get you started.

What are the types of Slender?

There are no specific types of Slender in Roblox. As the avatars are free to customise, you can design them according to your own imagination. But it must be tall and slim along with accessories that look scary to truly call it a Roblox Slender.

Who created Roblox Slender?

To date, it is unknown who created the Slender in Roblox. This design trend came into the limelight when some of the popular Roblox content creators live-streamed and posted videos while using Slender avatars.

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