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How to perform Titan Shifting in Attack on Titan Revolution

How to perform Titan Shifting in Attack on Titan Revolution
  • Titan Shifting allows you to fight other Titans in the Attack Titan form
  • You need to obtain Attack Serum to be able to use Titan Shifting
  • While in Attack Titan form, you get access to new skills and passives

You know the saying, "If you can't beat them, join them"? That is quite literally true for Attack on Titan Revolution, since you can turn into a titan, and simply wreak havoc on the other titans. I'll tell you how you can perform Titan Shifting in Attack on Titan Revolution, and everything else required to reach that stage.

What is Titan Shifting in AoTR?

Titan Shifting is a skill unlocked later in the game, which lets you transform into an Attack Titan. This skill is part of the core mechanic of AoTR, but it cannot be equipped by just everyone. You need to obtain a certain item for Titan Shifting, and that is the Attack Serum. 

Once you manage to transform into a Titan, you get access to a new set of skills in the Attack Titan Skill Tree, which you can upgrade just like your regular skills. Of course, based on the Family, you can also gain additional Attack Titan stats and/or skills. Just like we mentioned in the Attack on Titan Revolution family tier list, the Yaeger family is the best one for Titan Shifting thanks to the additional Family exclusive skills. 

You can also try getting lucky by claiming the latest AoTR codes for free spins and other nice rewards - you never know when you might get lucky and unlock a powerful Family.

AOTR Titan shifting in battle

How to get Attack Serum

You can get Attack Serum as a drop by completing the Aberrant Mode, which requires a lot of grind. The instance has a total of 59 Titans you will need to clear out, and they're not all normal Titans. The only way to beat this is by upgrading your character, equipping better gear, and overall just getting a lot stronger.

Keep in mind that the Attack Serum has a very low chance of dropping, so you will probably need to farm the dungeon a lot of times before obtaining it - unless you get insanely lucky, and you get it on the first try, of course!

The game just got the new update, so probably in the near future more instances will be added where you can obtain this item (and with better chances, hopefully).

How to perform Titan Shifting in Attack on Titan Revolution

To transform into a Titan it's pretty simple actually! You need to obtain the Attack Serum, and after that, you will be able to unlock it. Once unlocked, you will have to fill up the golden bar that appears on your screen by beating enemies. When the bar is full, you can transform into an Attack Titan.

While in Attack Titan form, you will also unlock a bunch of new skills that you can only use in Titan form. 

Attack Titan skills


Eject skill

Kneel down on the ground, emerging from your titan form back into human form by launching yourself into the air out of the reach of any nearby titans below.


Hardening skill

Manifest an extremely durable crystalised material on your fists, increasing punching and skill DMG by +10%-20%, punching speed by +10%-17.5% and block bar DMG REDUCTION by +10%-25%


Roar skill

After a short windup, lunge forward and unleash a powerful right hook that creates devastating shockwaves in front of you, dealing 90%-200% DMG to everything in its wake.

Corkscrew Punch

Corkscrew punch

Let out a deafening roar that regenerates 3%-7% of your HP over four ticks. Every titan in range will take 7.5%-12.5% DMG each tick, stunning all nearby titans to be stunned in place for 2s-4s

Brutal Stomp

Brutal stomp skill

Use all of your weight to shatter the ground with a stomp, dealing 70%-125% DMG to all titans and buildings in the area. Any crawlers under 5-15 meters will be instantly executed.


Uppercut skill

Charge up a lethal uppercut that instantly executes up to 1-2 titan(s) on hit, launching their body into the air. After falling back down to the ground, the body deals 40%-70% DMG in the area to other titans, based on their size.

Shifter Mastery

Shifter mastery

Titan shifting bar reduces by 2%-3% per second, with a HP REGEN of 10%-20%, with an overall titan size being 13-15 meters and gaining an extra 250-550 HEALTH

Boxing Mastery

Boxing mastery

Deal 60%-80% DMG to up to 1-2 titan(s) with your titan punches, hitting +0%-5% faster. Heavy attack deals 25.0% more DMG.

With this, you now hopefully know everything there is to know about Titan Shifting in Attack on Titan Revolution. If there's anything else you would like to know about this brilliant Roblox experience, let us know in the comments below!

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