What to expect for next season in Marvel Snap

A behind the scenes look of Marvel Snaps newest season

What to expect for next season in Marvel Snap
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Marvel Snap has been off the rails lately! Of course, not in a bad way. With pillars becoming more detailed, new character drops and daily objectives now being heavily enforced, it’s safe to say that Marvel Snap is here for the long haul. With the holidays right around the corner, we also say goodbye to this season of Marvel Snap. I don’t know about you, but I’d say it was a good one.

Now, as we approach the next season, there are some pretty cool things to look forward to. I guess we can call it a gift or ‘gifts’, from the developers. Let’s see what they wrapped up for us!

Rumours have surfaced that the upcoming season of Marvel Snap will revolve around The Hellfire Gala. Wait, you don’t know what that is? Well, have you seen any X-Men films? Remember Sebastian Shaw and The Blob? They are a part of the Hellfire Gala! The Hellfire Gala is a huge mutant celebration that evolved into a mutant resistance movement.

New cards that are expected to be released include Sebastian Shaw at 3-Cost, 3-Power, The Blob at 6-Cost, 3-Power and Firestar at 6-Cost, 3-Power. Here are their abilities:

  • Sebastian Shaw: When this card permanently gains Power, gain +2 more Power. (wherever this is)
  • The Blob: On Reveal: Merge your deck into this. (and gain its total Power) Ongoing: Can’t be moved
  • Firestar: On Reveal: Each card you played last turn gains this card’s power


Knowing what these cards can do, I can easily say that they can be a huge benefit to multiple deck possibilities. Considering that The Blob and Firestar are 6-Cost cards, they will almost always be used in late-game situations (unless a pillar changes their cost). Firestar could be used to amp up your power. I would use him with Spiderwoman and Professor X. Having Professor X cut off a pillar with his telekinetic powers and adding even more power points to him would seal you a won pillar fairly quickly. The Blob is another late-game defining card, working great with Gamora, Kazaar, and even Moon Girl.

Sebastian Shaw, on the other hand, could be a game-changer. Being the mainframe for Marvel Snaps’ season pass ($9.99), Shaw could be the card in your deck to put your opponent into a state of panic. The trick to Shaw is making sure you use cards that distribute power points to their allies. Cards such as Devil Dinosaur, IronHeart, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Spectrum could be solid helpers for this power-crazed villain.

With the next season almost upon us, you can also expect Marvel Snaps’ new season to be bundled with new cosmetics, more variants and avatar profile photos. We have a lot of additions on the horizon for us Snappers. All we can do now is get into the holiday spirit, and keep Snappin’ away!

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Jeremy Block
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