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Promo codes for Emergency Response: Liberty County (February 2024)

Promo codes for Emergency Response: Liberty County (February 2024)
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Updated on February 26, 2024 - Checked for new codes

Emergency Response: Liberty County is a popular Roblox simulator where you can take on the role of a criminal, police officer, transportation worker, or hospital worker, amongst many other options, and fulfil your duty. Emergency Response: Liberty County codes provide you with free uniforms, boosts and cash, amongst other freebies that encase your gameplay experience.

We have covered everything you need for promo codes - from active to expired ones, how to redeem them and how to get your hands on new codes before others.

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Emergency Response: Liberty County codes

  • WELCOME2024 - 5k free cash

Expired codes

  • Christmas23 - 5k free cash
  • ERLC1023 - 1.5x XP boost
  • PW23-PATROL - 2023 Police Week Plate
  • POLICEWEEK23 - 2.5K cash and a badge
  • PW23-HONOR - Police Week 2023 Uniform and a badge
  • PW23-SACRIFICE - 24-hour XP boost and a Badge
  • 1MIL - 25k Cash and 1 Million Members Plate
  • ONPATROL - 25K cash
  • 500mil - 5K cash
  • MOBILE - 5k Cash
  • PHONES - 5k Cash
  • UPDATE - 6k Cash
  • 400mil - Exclusive Rewards
  • CommunityPhoto - 5k Cash
  • OnPatrol1 - 7500 cash

How do you redeem codes in Liberty County?

Liberty County promo codes

Redeeming codes in this Roblox game is relatively easy; however, if you are new or haven’t used codes before, follow the below-given steps:

  • Launch Emergency Response: Liberty County and wait for it to load completely.
  • Click on the settings button located on the top right corner of the screen
  • In the new window, copy and paste any of the active promo codes from above into the text box
  • Press enter to claim your free rewards

How do you get more Emergency Response: Liberty County codes?

You can track new promo codes from the game’s social media channels, such as Twitter or its Discord Server. Alternatively, you can consider booking this page, as we will regularly update this with new codes as and when they get released.

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