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Roblox: Elemental Dungeons guide for beginners

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Roblox: Elemental Dungeons guide for beginners

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Roblox boasts thousands, if not millions, of potential games to play, but it can be a bit confusing getting started with them, especially if you’re not familiar with how Roblox works. There are dozens of ways to play and games covering every genre from action to simulation. There are even fighting games on Roblox and RPGs. So, we’ve put together some basic guides, and this time around, we’re covering one of the latest, highly-rated experiences out there with Elemental Dungeons.

Elemental Dungeons guide will give a basic overview of the game and a quick tutorial on how to get started. Like many Roblox experiences - this game drops you right into the action without much introduction, so getting prepped for your adventure ahead is key to surviving and thriving against all manner of monsters and more.

What is Elemental Dungeons?

Created by MaltGames, while Elemental Dungeons describes itself as a fighting game on its experience page, it’s closer to an RPG. You level up as you fight enemies and complete quests, all while upgrading your gear in order to take on greater challenges.

What makes Elemental Dungeons unique is the focus on the Elements themselves. Players are able to equip one element that does 1.5x damage to its opposing element. Meaning there’s a degree of strategy involved even from the get-go.

Functionally, if you're familiar with many other action RPGs and dungeon-crawlers, Elemental Dungeons won't be that difficult to pick up and play. But if you need some further tips on how to handle yourself, read on and find out more.

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Tip #1 - How to Play

Our Elemental Dungeons guide starts with a basic tip. The gameplay is very simple. From a central hub area, you can select either to create your own lobby or join an existing one. Jumping in you’ll have a selection of dungeons to choose from, starting with the Ancient Tomb. From there, it’s a simple matter of racing through the dungeons and completing them in as short a time as possible, dispatching both regular enemies and a boss as you go.

The controls are simple, with a dodge, an attack and a jump. Simply combine these three in order to avoid enemies while doing damage. When you face off against bosses they will usually telegraph their attacks, and red damage zones will display where their blows will land to help you avoid them.

As you complete dungeons, you’ll begin levelling up, which increases your stats - naturally - and gain new gear. When you return to the hub area you’ll be able to walk around the little town within it, sell your gear or forge new ones from various materials that you acquire during your journeys into the dungeons.

Each dungeon has multiple difficulties you play on, naturally, we recommend the starting dungeon and the Easy difficulty. As you gain your footing you can begin to slowly increase the difficulty in order to gain greater rewards and enjoy a new, greater challenge as you take on stronger enemies.

Tip #2 - Elements & How to use them

Naturally, given they’re in the name, elements are a major component of the gameplay in Elemental Dungeons. They can be equipped using the button on the left side of the screen in the hub area. To unlock elements you need to roll them, for which you’ll need at least 100 gems. There are currently 15 elements in Elemental Dungeons. They are…

  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Light
  • Gravity
  • Angel
  • Dragon
  • Lava
  • Galaxy
  • Reaper
  • Phantom

Each of these elements interacts differently with one another. For example, Water is strong against Fire (and others), while being weak against Earth and Air (again, among others). By wielding an element, a player can increase their damage by a base of 1.5x against the opposing element that their element is stronger against. When you reach level 35+ you’ll also be able to find a unique NPC in the Jungle dungeon, called The Old Man who will be able to teach players the Elemental Sword skill which allows them to further infuse their weapon with elemental magic and utilise this increased damage.

Tip #3 - Boost your combat potential

Mastering combat will take some time, while it's easier on PC, for Roblox on mobile it's a bit finicky. Essentially, while you have buttons for jumping and dodging, you won't have one for actually attacking. To attack you need to tap on the screen, which means that occasionally it won't register properly. A good technique to practice, then, is to tap before an enemy moves into range. With many weapons, the reach means that you'll be able to take these lower-tier enemies out before they're able to attack you.

For higher-tier enemies, the technique is a little easier. Since, unlike lower-tier foes, they have large wind-ups and telegraph their attacks, making it easier to move out of the way and then approach to do damage while they recharge. Magic functions similarly to melee weapons, and needs to be selected from the bottom taskbar (where you can see the melee weapon in the image) to be used.

Tip #4 - Levelling and getting Gems

For easy, faster levelling, the best thing you can do is play with friends. Not only does this increase your chances of succeeding by playing co-operatively, but you also get a flat 10% boost to earned exp as a bonus. As for gems - which are needed to unlock elements - you’ll want to keep an eye on your quest log. These challenges let you unlock gems, and grinding them is a good way to get them without spending Robux.

Tip #5 - NPCs and Stores

The hub area is not only a place for finding various sections, such as accessing raids but also a variety of shopkeeper NPCs. The starting one grants you access to crafting, which allows you to take resources that you have gathered throughout the game and turn them into new weapons. Other NPCs will unlock over time, for example, the blacksmith at level 15 and the alchemist at level 45.

Each of these shopkeepers will offer access to, and customisation for, new parts of the game such as magic. By utilising the ingredients and materials you gather as well as following what these NPCs ask, you can raise your level and attain more powerful gear than you get from just mob drops.

That's the complete Elemental Dungeons guide that we have prepared. We have answered the most asked Roblox questions, like is it possible to play Roblox with a controller, and what are the funniest Roblox games?.

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