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Roblox: Anime Champions Simulator codes that you can use in February

Roblox: Anime Champions Simulator codes that you can use in February
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Updated on February 26, 2024 - Added new codes

Released earlier this year, Anime Champions Simulator has grown immensely popular on Roblox. If you are one of the avid players looking to get your hands on free diamonds and boost, you have come to the right place. This guide will cover all the Anime Champions Simulator codes you can use to get in-game freebies, including diamonds and various boosts.

In addition to the active Anime Champions Simulator codes, you can also find a step-by-step guide on how to use them. Like this guide, we also have the latest codes for Elemental Dungeons and Ultimate Football codes; but there are various other Roblox games that we have covered. Snoop around a bit and you'll probably find your favourite game in there.


  • CloverPower - Cosmic Summon, x1,000 Diamonds, Scrap, Dust, and Potions
  • Update13 - Cosmic Summon, x1,000 Diamonds, Scrap, Dust, and Potions
  • DailyQuest -1 Raid Chest Key, 300 Scraps, 1 Coins Boost, 1 Drops
  • DungeonShudown - Rune Dust and Boosts
  • DungeonBuff - 1k Diamonds
  • Update12 - Cosmic Summon, x1 Each Boost, x500 Skin Scrap, x100 Rune Dust, x1 Raid Key, and x5,000 Diamonds
  • VirtualDungeon - Diamonds and Boosts
  • HappyNewYear - Diamonds and Boosts
  • HappyHoliday - Diamonds and Boosts
  • JingleBells - Diamonds and Boosts
  • FreeWilly - Diamonds and Boosts
  • MageWarrior - Diamonds and Boosts
  • LagBeGone - Diamonds and Boosts
  • SafetyFirst - Diamonds and Boosts
  • RandomShutdownCode - Diamonds and Boosts
  • ShutdownBackInTown - 2.5K Diamonds and Boosts
  • Galaxy2Hype - 1.5K Diamonds
  • WOW100Mil - 3 Advanced Ascension Cards, 6 T2 Cards, 1 of each Boost, 1 Raid Key, and 2.5k Diamonds
  • 100kFaves - 2.5k Diamonds, 10k Candies, and Boost items

Expired codes

  • QuestFix -500 Diamonds and Boosts
  • DeathBall - 1 Raid Chest Key and 500 Gems
  • DirtyGalaxy - 1K Diamonds and Boosts
  • WinterIsComing - 500 Diamonds and Boosts
  • PatientZero - 2K diamonds and Boosts
  • TYBurger - 5K Diamonds and Boosts
  • Scrappy - 1K Diamonds, 1 Raid Chest Key, 1 Damage Boost, and 500 Scraps
  • Tournaments - 2K Diamonds and other items
  • Gigantic - 2K Diamonds and several other items
  • ThisIsFine
  • SorryTourney
  • GiveMeLuck
  • TurkeyDay
  • ExtraDaily
  • EightLegs
  • TurnDown4What
  • ACSFoodEvent
  • WaitingGiantsTM
  • shutdown7052
  • shutdown705
  • SevenUp
  • Delayed
  • GiveMeDPS
  • SawbladeRaid
  • StayClassy
  • TrickOrTreat
  • HappyHalloween
  • Chainsaws
  • Gummybear
  • FixerUpper
  • SpookyGremlins
  • HappyHalloween
  • WoodBall
  • oTMSaveUs
  • FreeKeys
  • updateshutdown
  • thanks50mil
  • update3
  • towerstuff
  • MeltedIcecream
  • raidbuff


Redeeming Anime Champions Simulator codes in the game

If you are new to the game, don't worry. Here is a step-by-step on how to use Anime Champions Simulator codes and get freebies:

  • Step 1: Launch Anime Champions Simulator
  • Step 2: Go to the store by clicking on the shopping cart icon located on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Step 3: Copy and paste any of the active Anime Champions Simulator codes into the text box and click the redeem button

Ensure you bookmark this page and check back often to get your hands on new working codes for Anime Champions Simulator, as we regularly update this post with new ones.

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