40 free maps coming to iPhone's Rise of the Triad

Triad-on pack

40 free maps coming to iPhone's Rise of the Triad

Developer Mobila Interactive has evidently had a massive response to the announcement that Wolfenstein's spiritual successor Rise of the Triad had been adapted for iPhone, and is looking to maintain its momentum by announcing Extreme Rise of the Triad - a massive, free update coming soon.

This free bolt-on content will include a massive 40 new maps not seen in the original game, with "some of the most brain-bending puzzles and devious traps offered in the Triad series".

"The overwhelming response to the Rise of the Triad announcement has had fans wanting more right out of the gate," says Yevgeniy Goyfman, President of Mobila Interactive. "Offering Extreme Rise of the Triad as a free upgrade gives them what they want without having to pay more for it."

Rise of the Triad: Dark War went live on the App Store at the end of last week, and has been ripping up a five star success on the App Store. Check out the trailer below for Extreme Rise of the Triad, then position yourself on the edge of your seat for more news as it happens.

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