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All resources in Rise of Kingdoms and how to farm them fast

All resources in Rise of Kingdoms and how to farm them fast

This guide is especially useful for new Rise of Kingdoms players. One of the most important things for beginners is to know the list of all resources in Rise of Kingdoms and how to farm them fast. Thus, if you are a newbie in the game and do not know about all resources in Rise of Kingdoms and the fastest way to farm them, this guide for beginners will be helpful for you.


In Rise of Kingdoms, you can obtain five types of resources: food, wood, stone, gold, and gems. Let's talk about each of them in detail.


Food is a resource you need for almost all game activities:

  • Development of the city hall
  • Upgrade of other buildings
  • Research of technologies
  • Training and healing of troops

Food is supplied by farms built in the settlement and can be upgraded depending on the level of your main building, which is called the city hall. Improvements increase the amount of food produced per hour and the power of buildings.


Wood is necessary for the development of the city hall, the construction and improvement of buildings, the research of technology, and the training of troops. In Rise of Kingdoms, wood and food are the most important and needed resources for settlement development. Wood is produced at sawmills and can be upgraded similarly to farms.


Stone is a resource that becomes more important with city hall development. You will need this resource to build gold mines, research advanced technologies, improve your settlement wall, and more. The stone is mined in quarries but more slowly and in smaller volumes than other resources.


Gold becomes available at city hall level 10 after studying metallurgy at the academy. You won't be able to build gold mines and extract gold without this resource. Also, you will spend this mainly on technology. In the late game, you will need gold to train more powerful units.


Gems are a rare resource that is an in-game currency. It can be used instead of other resources to instantly improve or build buildings, accelerate the development of the city hall, research technologies, and train troops. If you want to have a lot of gems, you will have to spend real money. However, you can also gain gems by completing tasks, participating in various game events, and killing barbarians. Good news for newbies: each new player receives a small number of gems for free!


Now let's discuss all the possible ways of getting resources in Rise of Kingdom, such as economic buildings, tasks, collection of resources on the map, alliances, expeditions, shops, and courier stations.

Economic buildings

As we mentioned before: farms, sawmills, quarries, and gold mines are the main buildings of the city's economy. Upgrade these buildings regularly and ensure their level is the same as the city hall level. You can build up to 4 buildings to mine one resource. Collect the produced resources at least once in 10 hours; otherwise, the production will stop.

All your resources are stored in the storehouse. However, other players can attack your city and it can be looted, so upgrade the storehouse to increase the number of resources that can't be looted. Note that part of the inventory can be stored outside the storehouse in the form of items. They will stay safe in any circumstance.

Complete tasks

Pay attention to the tasks on the left side of the screen. Almost every activity you do like creating a new building, hiring warriors, or winning a battle is rewarded with food, wood, stone, and other bonuses.

You also get rewards for upgrades and for reaching a certain number of resources. For example, if you get 20,000 units of food, you will receive 9,000 units as a reward. Also, if you do not have enough resources for an upgrade, you should look for the task with the needed reward and complete it.

Collecting resources on the World Map

In addition to passive ways of collecting resources in Rise of Kingdoms, you have other more exciting ways. For example, you can attack the barbarians on the world map. Feel free to send your army to battle to win loot and resources.

The most important sources of resources in Rise of Kingdoms are resource nodes and large deposits of one type of resource. Food, wood, stone, gold, and gems can be mined in the corresponding deposits.

Also, you can join alliances and fight for territories which will open more locations with resources. And, of course, you have to protect the deposits closest to you from other players.

Alliance and expeditions

Teaming up with other players, you can occupy valuable objects on the map: altars, shrines, or other player forts. For military achievements, members of the alliance receive valuable rewards, including a large number of resources. The territorial affiliation of resource nodes on the map also matters. Collecting resources is much faster and safer on the territory of your alliance.

An expedition is an additional way of getting resources. In expeditions, it is important not only to win but also to complete several tasks, for example, to defeat an enemy squad in less than 40 seconds. The reward and the number of resources vary depending on your success in completing those tasks.

Shop and courier station

Both shop and courier station are located within your settlement. The store provides an opportunity to buy any resource for gems.

In the courier station, you can find really good offers. For a minimum number of gems in the shop, you can purchase solid stocks of food, wood, stone, and gold or exchange one resource for another. It also offers various construction and production accelerators, not only for gems but also for other resources.

In this guide, we discussed all resources in Rise of Kingdoms and how to farm them fast. We hope this article was useful for you, and now you know all the details about all resources in Rise of Kingdoms and how to farm them fast. Good luck! And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on Rise of Kingdoms best civilizations