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Rise of Kingdoms KVK guide - Tips and basic overview

Rise of Kingdoms KVK guide - Tips and basic overview

The ultimate challenge for top players is playing Kingdom vs Kingdom mode. We will teach you how to play KVK in Rise of Kingdoms without being a laughingstock.

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In Rise of Kingdoms, you can battle it out with players from across the world. But probably the largest scale, and most impressive, of these battles take place when we get to the Kingdom vs Kingdom stage. But how do you succeed in KvK? And what even is it? Well, let's find out...

What is Kingdom v Kingdom?

In the simplest possible terms, Kingdom vs Kingdom is a new challenge where you fight to progress from the corner of the map into the middle in order to conquer an area called the Lost Ziggurat. It unfolds over months, separated into seasons, with each alliance and kingdom fighting to be crowned the strongest. You’ll need access to a level 16+ city hall, and once you have this, you’ll be able to teleport to the Lost Kingdom…

The Lost Kingdom

One of the game's maps

Before you get to the Kingdom vs Kingdom stage, you’ll need to complete the event called Eve of Crusade which enables access to the Lost Kingdom as well as unlocking Kingdom vs Kingdom. Within the Lost Kingdom itself, you join an alliance that pushes towards the centre of the Lost Kingdom in order to take the Lost Ziggurat.


KvK is split up into multiple seasons, with gaps in between. This means that you’ll get time to complete other events and farm back on the main map before returning to the Lost Kingdom. It also means you can actually enjoy some of the other rewards that you’ve acquired. These seasons are KvK 1, 2, and 3, the Season of Conquest.

Why Kingdom vs Kingdom?

Aside from the bragging rights, why would you want to play Kingdom vs Kingdom? Well, for one, it’s an immensely fun game mode and one that shows off just how Rise of Kingdoms excels in playing like a proper 4x strategy game on mobile. For two, there are other exclusive rewards, including two commanders: Charlemagne and Wu Zetian.

With all that in mind, let's get into some tips for first-timers playing Kingdom vs Kingdom.

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Clear your daily challenges

Kingdom with resources waiting to be picked up Like with many 4x games, one of the key challenges in Rise of Kingdoms is maintaining a steady stream of income and resources. You can of course gather these naturally, but if you’re playing - which we assume you would be - during a Kingdom v Kingdom session, you should focus on completing daily challenges too. These will grant continual boosts and rewards that can help not just you but the rest of your faction. Of course, another way to get free boosts is to redeem RoK codes. We are updating them all the time, so they are fresh and active.

Join an active alliance (with premium players)

City layout in RoK We always advocate saving money where you can. Work smarter not…more expensive (?), after all. However, if you do join an alliance, you would do well to hop into one that is partially populated with premium players (alliteration not intended). These premium players will provide collateral bonuses, and if they’re competent, they can make a great cornerstone for your alliance.

Contribute to alliance technology

Alliance inventory By contributing to the technology of your alliance, you’ll get rewarded with alliance currency. Assuming that your alliance refills the shop, you can use this to get some really great items, including speedups, resource packs and more. This not only helps you aid the rest of your alliance but also to increase your own power.

Get everything to an equal level once you lose the beginner shield

Governor Profile in ROK While you’ll initially have a beginner shield, this is only temporary. Once you’ve lost this shield, you should focus mainly on getting every aspect of your city to an equal level. This ensures you don’t have any general weak points. A peace shield can be great if you need to head offline as it protects your city - just bear in mind it won't stop the action outside your alliance's area.

Train up (a lot) of troops

Lost Temple KVK battle Training your troops should also be a priority. In Kingdom vs Kingdom, your cities can’t be attacked while they’re in their safe zone with the rest of your alliance. Thus, the majority of the action will take place on the field of battle, meaning you’ll want to have a hefty army that you can send out.

Hold onto your speed-ups and other buffs

Another city layout While you may be tempted to use your speed-ups and other buffs to get past some tedious timers, you should focus on using them strategically. Major technologies and base upgrades should be your focus for applying these buffs as these are the major thresholds you need to break through.

Build up (while you have the chance)

Level 25 barbarians and rewards that you'll get for defeating them Before the passes that allow you to face off with other kingdoms open up, you’ll be relatively safe. This means you can concentrate on building up your city, farming barbarians, training your troops - which is what you should be focusing on here - and developing technologies. This is the best time for figuring out what you’re going to focus on if you want to push your alliance forward in Kingdom vs Kingdom. Remember, once things open, you'll be fighting nigh-on constantly.

With this tip, we're closing off our KVK guide. You can also check out some of our other guides for your beloved game! Get some RoK tips, or learn how to find and farm all the resources in RoK.

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