Engage in public disorder (and then feel bad about it) in pixel-art anarchy sim Riot

I predict a commotion

Engage in public disorder (and then feel bad about it) in pixel-art anarchy sim Riot
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Video game makers are often accused of glamourising violence. It's not an entirely unfounded accusation, either, with many game designers seemingly happy to up the gore ante just for the sake of it.

The Italian team behind recently launched Indiegogo project Riot, however, is hoping to offer Android and iOS gamers something more than cheap visceral thrills with its thoughtful pixel-art sim.

According to Riot's Indiegogo campaign page, which has been launched to drum up $15,000 to finance the project, the game's developer is trying to foster empathy for all those involved in a riot. Not just for the rioters themselves.

In Riot, you see, you will be thrown into an arena of public disorder. You will then have to choose whether you want to assume control of the rioters or the police.

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By giving you the chance to control both sides - lawmaker and lawbreaker - the team behind Riot is encouraging you to explore the viewpoint of the rioter and the police, and draw your own conclusions about the value of these forms of mass demonstrations.

Though there's not a great deal of info on Riot, we know that the game will contain a single-player campaign and a pass-the-handset multiplayer mode.

We can't tell at this stage whether Riot will fulfil its creator's lofty ambitions, but we can say that the Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP-esque pixel-art visuals are dead pretty.

If you want to contribute to the making of Riot, you can do so right now via the game's Indiegogo page.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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