Ridiculous Fishing EX introduces the Garbage Patch

And no it's not a late April Fools, don't worry

Ridiculous Fishing EX introduces the Garbage Patch
  • Ridiculous Fishing EX's new Garbage Patch promises more treasure than trash
  • 10+ new fish, a new boss and more
  • Get it now on Apple Arcade!

Apple Arcade exclusive Ridiculous Fishing EX is taking you to a new, smellier and more polluted fishing spot in the latest update, The Garbage Patch. Taking you to a whole new level, with new bosses and new fish to rip brutally from their native environment, the Garbage Patch promises to be more ridiculous than ever.

You can unlock the new Garbage Patch level by collecting fish in the Pro Fishing Tour. The level boasts 10+ new fish to snatch, more weapons and tools, as well as a brand-new boss to face off with.

A Trash-o-pedia will help you track all of the new garbage you're bound to find in this monument to man's potential for pollution.

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Total garbage

While it's called the Garbage Patch, this newest update is anything but. Boasting more fish to catch, a new boss and even more new mechanics it's a pretty big addition to what's already a game stuffed to the gills with things to do.

It's also another great exclusive to the Apple Arcade lineup which has proven to be really strong one in the past, despite often losing out on some exclusives when their time is up. Here's hoping that Ridiculous Fishing EX is going to be sticking around for a while yet.

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