Revived Witch is welcoming the summer season with the new Isle Adventures event

Revived Witch is welcoming the summer season with the new Isle Adventures event
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The summer is here on Yostar’s pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch with the launch of its brand new event, Isle Adventure. The event explores the secrets of a strange and mysterious Soul Bottle alongside new Dolls, costumes, a furniture set, rewards, and lots more.

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Revived Witch’s Isle Adventure will run throughout the month until May 31st. It sees players exploring an unnamed island located east of Sunrise Island. It promises relief from the summer heat thanks to its resort where the Sea Elf was also seen. It is believed that the Soul Bottle may have something to do with this and players must get to the bottom of it.

The entire event is divided into two phases. During the day players must gather materials like wood, sand, and stone while pearl, conch, and coral can be collected at night. These items can be used to purchase and update items from the Beach Stand. Rewards kick off with a login event that will gift players the High Spirited costume for Yothya, Stamina Elixir and Flask, and more. Other goodies include First-Clear, Skill Enhance Material, and Doll Ascension Material.

Furthermore, Isle Adventure marks the debut of three dolls – Midsummer Dream-Suigetsu (event rewarded SSR), Sea Guardian-Symbriette (UR), and Beach Rambler-Ardisia (UR). They have unique skills which can be used to attack or defend. Additionally, the shop will feature new swimsuit costumes like the Beach Holiday for Sword Maiden of Shooting Stars, Sunny Reunion for Will of the God, and Blue Ocean for Annihilator of Existence. Finally, players can also get their hands on Summer Packs that contain special furniture sets, Beach Vibe, and lots more.

Beat the heat by taking part in the Isle Adventure event by downloading Revived Witch for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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