Revived Witch hosting Easter-themed event with tons of free rewards and two new characters

Revived Witch hosting Easter-themed event with tons of free rewards and two new characters
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Gacha RPG Revived Witch, developed by the legendary Yostar, announced its latest update is bringing an Easter-themed event along with it. This event will include a large variety of new content, such as two brand new characters, an Egg Hunt login event, a new cosmetic outfit, and a few other rewards as well.

The Easter Egg Collection will be held from now until April 29th, in which players will clear stages in Dreamworld and be rewarded with Easter Eggs. These eggs, a new currency type, can be used to get soul cryolite, soul, average destroyer quartz, average skill pact, soul dust, and many other upgrade materials. Keep in mind, the redemption period will end on the 29th, so be sure to use all your eggs before then.

The main focus of the event this time around though is the two brand new Ultra Rare dolls available in the gacha pool for a limited time. Executor of the Ideal Grace Isabel, a Brimstone Assassin, is the first of the two. Isabel’s normal skill allows her to attack a target in the back row while also canceling out any buffs that target might have on them. Her chaos skill will devour all of the chaos energy she’s put onto the field and hit the target in the back row. This allows her to do well as a backrow assassin, taking out long range targets with ease.

After Isabel, we’ve got the Claw of Destiny Raphan, an ultra rare saltstone destroyer. Her normal skill targets all foes and does physical damage, while her chaos skill allows her to enter a new state and transform into a wolf, boosting her attack and healing for damage done. Both of these characters look quite powerful, so don’t miss out on your chance to get them!

Beyond the new characters and the event itself, there are still a few other opportunities open to getting you even more free currency. If you’d like a full list of all the event additions, check out the Revived Witch official Twitter. And, if you’re looking to start playing Revived Witch either for the first time or just as a returning player, all of these free handouts make for an excellent excuse to do so. You can find Revived Witch for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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