Revived Witch's Christmas update introduces the new Dazzling Stage event featuring new dolls

Revived Witch's Christmas update introduces the new Dazzling Stage event featuring new dolls
| Revived Witch

Revived Witch is celebrating Christmas with the new Dazzling Stage event, which explores the story of Flora and her friends who are trying to save the Forest of Elves by becoming idols. Revived Witch’s Christmas party will feature new costumes, UR dolls with rate-up, and lots of rewards.

Dazzling Stage’s story will run from December 23rd to January 6th. It deals with Flora and Caledonia trying to rid themselves of their fear by participating in idol training. This story also explores multiple game modes like Side Story, Tower Mode, and Boss Battle, which are available to play once the main story has been completed. Prior to the start of Dazzling Lights, a Warm-Up Check-in Event will also run until December 30th.

Some of the rewards available in the new campaign include free gifts for seven days and free stamina for 14 days after completing Stage 4-2 of the Main Story event. A new furniture set is also being released whose pieces are available in the event shop alongside a new SSR Compeller Dorin, the Celestial Gift.

Moving onto the dolls, first is the exclusive summon UR Doll – Cersivery, Saintess of Snegurochka. The supreme leader of the land, Cersivery is one of the most powerful Compeller UR Dolls, with her Normal Skill dealing Magic DMG and reducing the enemy’s Magic DEF. Another exclusive summon UR Doll is the Christmas special Dream Stage Flora. A UR Mage Doll, her Normal Skill rains down Magic DMG on foes.

The new awakening summon UR Doll is the Cloistered Princess Caledonia. She is a noble princess who can communicate with animals. She is a great pick for both offensive and defensive teams. Grab her Christmas costume during this event. Finally, the last exclusive summon UR Doll is Celanya, the Azure Archer of Wind. An excellent archer, the UR Assassin Doll is capable of dealing high burst damage. She also has a limited-edition Christmas costume that will be available in the shop.

Celebrate a merry Christmas in the world of Revived Witch by downloading the game for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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