Reverse: 1999, the highly-anticipated time traveling RPG, finally reveals its release date in the latest trailer

Reverse: 1999, the highly-anticipated time traveling RPG, finally reveals its release date in the latest trailer

The highly anticipated time travel RPG Reverse: 1999, from developer Bluepoch, has finally been announced for a solid release date of October 26th worldwide. This one kind of came out of nowhere but appears to have one heck of a production team behind it if the trailers are anything to go by. While story details are light, and gameplay details even lighter, we do have a few details we can discuss.

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Reverse: 1999 is one of the oddball releases this year, where not much hype or marketing has been done for it, but it has remained near the top of many gacha fans’ most anticipated lists. This is mostly due to the absolutely bonkers trailers they’ve put out so far, which are all drop-dead gorgeous and seem to promise a story full of suspense and mystery, with twists and turns galore.

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What we do definitively know about the gameplay is that it is a turn-based RPG in the same vein of something like Granblue Fantasy. This likely means you can expect some gacha RPG typicalness here, such as gathering up different characters to put in your party who will all have different kits to utilize in combat, then further upgrading them using materials and new gear and whatnot.

While all that sounds kind of standard fare, I think where Reverse: 1999 is sure to shine is within the plot. It seems to be a sort of melancholic game, with a lot of rainy and dreary scenes, and the small lore bits you can pick up on the official website and from the trailers or character introductions promise a contemplative time-traveling journey that is likely to wow players with its depth.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, you can still pre-register for the game ahead of that October 26th release date at either of the links below this article right now!

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