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Battle Crush Calixer tier list

Battle Crush Calixer tier list

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Updated on May 15th, 2024

So Battle Crush has been out for a few days now, and despite the awkward timing of the beta here in the UK (17:00 to 01:00), we’ve still managed to get a chance to play - or at least practice - with the roster of Calixers currently available!

The Calixers are all based on mythology, in a sort of cartoony and semi-serious way. There are also a few oddities such as baseball-playing dinos and a slightly ahistorical Lancelot. But all are pretty great from an aesthetic point of view.

In any case, this tier list will cover the S - C tiers, because with this being a beta we don’t want to relegate any characters to the D tier just yet. Bear in mind that this is not a final version of our Battle Crush tier list since we will update it once after the full launch and we get a better sense of how these characters play.

We’ll also add notes on their strengths and weaknesses where applicable, to help you get a better idea of why they’re placed, and if they’re right for you. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our Battle Crush Friends Hub and our guide to the game's currencies.

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Original article by Iwan Morris. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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Battle Crush tier list - Seri character Seri: One of those baseball-playing dinosaurs we mentioned, Seri is a ranged character but his special ability is one of the most useful currently. It zooms out your view, offering a wider field of vision on the battlefield as well as highlighting enemies in stealth mode. With how prominent stealth has been in matches played so far, this is a great way to upset the balance against sneaky characters like Nyx or Diana.

Diana: As the default unlocked character, Diana pops in here because of her movement abilities and ranged attacks. They’re a great way to stay out of the line of fire, and her ultimate doesn’t require line-of-sight on your opponents. We had to put her at the top of the Battle Crush tier list for availability alone.

Nyx: Similar to Diana, Nyx has the advantage of great movement options. However, she also has the ability to enter stealth even without being in tall grass or other terrain for a short time. This, combined with her ability to fight up close when another player closes the gap, makes her particularly strong at this early stage of the game’s lifespan.


Medusa Calixer Medusa’s projectiles are stronger than Diana’s, but she doesn’t have the same suite of abilities that the other character has and is a bit more difficult to play.

Dandi's ability to swim much easier than others is a big advantage, especially as there’s some juicy loot to be had in the few water areas on the map at the moment. However, this is very situational.


Battle Crush character Lancelot Lancelot: He strikes me as being a character that’s good for specialists and duelling, as rather than a heavy attack he has a parry. However, he’s definitely difficult to master, and not great for out-and-out brawls where he’s likely to be flanked.

Hercules: Looks pretty cool, and it’s always nice to see the lion’s pelt look for Hercules.

Hades: His goofy skeleton look doesn’t quite have the gravitas of more classical depictions, but he’s still interesting nonetheless.

Lops: Lops is arguably the game’s poster child (aside from perhaps Poseidon), but his aesthetic is a bit goofy.

King Arthur: An unusual addition since he’s not necessarily from mythology, but King Arthur is always fun to see in these kinds of games, even if he’s not as regency-themed as Lancelot is.

Poseidon: The other mascot of the game. Their reach and the size of their attacks mean that trying to get away in stealth is difficult. But they’re always highly telegraphed.

Ares: A more stylish take on the Greek god of war that gives me Dante from Devil May Cry vibes.

Freyja: Seemingly quite a popular pick for team comps, however, we haven’t had a chance to play her that much.

Hermes: Like Ares, he’s a pretty interesting take on the mythology aesthetic. But he’s seemingly not the most popular choice for team comps at the moment.


Battle Crush tier list - Urus Urus: He’s simply lacking at the moment since he's lacking a dodge, which is particularly important for getting out of the way of projectiles. His heavy hitting also doesn’t compensate for his slowness. When paired with a full team that’s working well together, he likely works a lot better, but this needs good coordination.
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