Reverse: 1999 will release worldwide after a successful run in China

Reverse: 1999 will release worldwide after a successful run in China
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Bluepoch Games has just announced a global version of the popular strategic RPG, Reverse: 1999, which is set to release on mobile and PC sometime soon. The title originally launched in China in May and was received extremely well, consequently leading to a worldwide release. Currently, an interactive teaser is available, with more being revealed on July 21st.

Reverse: 1999 is set in an alternative 20th-century reality, where players take on the role of a Timekeeper, an elite temporal observer. Their job is to lead a group of individuals who have been tasked with studying and protecting reality from threats that can harm the timeline.

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Their role is similar to that of TVA Agents, which were seen in Marvel’s Loki webseries. The difference lies in the game making the use of Arcanum, a mystical power that allows its users to mess with the mechanics of reality. With the availability of such a power, there are bound to be people who want to control it for their own benefit.

The game embraces aspects of both science and mysticism, with the boundaries between them constantly getting blurrier. While Arcanists, who are natural-born magic users, are fighting others in search of more power, the world is hit by a mysterious storm. It causes everything to change as this phenomenon affects history and creates a number of messes across the timeline.

In order to save the planet, players must form a team of unique characters from across the twentieth century, each having distinctive powers. With various threats like supernatural creatures and rival arcanists approaching, Timekeepers will require all hands on deck for this war.

That’s all we know about Reverse: 1999’s global version for now. More information will be available in a few days on the official website.

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