Reverse 1999 release date and everything else you need to know

A truly bizarre adventure to the colourful past

Reverse 1999 release date and everything else you need to know
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A storm is brewing, a Global release is drawing near.

There's always a silver lining in the stormy cloud, stand a chance to be the chosen one to partake in its first ever Closed Beta Test for Global. 

The moment you have been anticipating, to stir up a buzz, a countdown timer for the first ever CBT for global test, accompanied by a stylish PV has been initiated after (metaphorically) centuries of being left blinded in the storm. While not available yet on the official Google Play or App Store, Reverse 1999 is still up for pre-registration on third-party game stores such as TapTap.

Meanwhile, tune into their newly released track titled “All in vague” to soothe your earbuds. Truly a jam! Hot tip for first time loggers on Bilibili, do tap on the "?" icon to disable all the pop-up comments.

Oh and before that, here is your gateway to the official website.

Jovial reception of CN version ever since its release on May 31st.

While April is gearing up to be a month full of exciting releases with the entry of big games like Honkai Star Rail, on the CN market, many are elated as Bluepoch - developers behind the much anticipated Reverse 1999 - has launched a third CBT (Closed Beta Test). First announced around August 13th, 2021 with a slick PV following a period of stasis, the game finally regains the spotlight as well as traction.
However, the best part that roused the global audience was the confirmation of a simultaneous worldwide release. The game had its trademark registered in the EU on December 29th, 2022 while it’s still pending approval in NA. Unfortunately, access is restricted for Mainland China. Those with access to a Chinese phone number or those who registered and passed verification for BiliBili can still sign up on the official webpage.
Throughout its 2-month operation, the game garnered a fanfare among Chinese audienceS with many singing praises for its illustration, story, character design and its thought-provoking turn-based combat, all stemmed from the genuine passion OF the development team. However, on the flip side, the more scornful and judgemental criticisms leveraged will be on its gacha element. From the perspective of ranking, as a makeshift metric to measure its performance, it managed to carve its name on Bilibili popularity ranking in the top 20, contending with long-time big players.

With all that said and done, get strapped in as we are about to equip you with everything we know so far.

Quick run-down on Reverse 1999’s plot

Disclaimer: All the plot details are translated, and then pieced together from the backstory section on the game’s official webpage.

Adding to the extensive list of games sporting a depressive apocalyptic theme, Reverse 1999 doubles down on it by utilising Mother Nature's disastrous wrath. That's right. The plot stars a devastating storm creatively named “The Storm” that plunged the world back into 1929 and ushered in a Renaissance for classical pop culture.

The story then cuts to the 1960s when the Storm strikes again. As a countermeasure, a group of individuals wielding magic powers called the Arcanus begins to thrive in this new world. You assume the role of a timekeeper, accompanying these individuals to navigate the world and slowly uncover all the secrets and origin of the storm. And the best part? A magical suitcase (a memento of your mysterious mother) will be your humble abode and base of operations for your fellow Arcanites (the individuals wielding these world-bending Arcanus powers).

Is Reverse 1999 worth the hype?

While it is far from being a pioneer or trendsetter, it has its own merits that warrant its sights on our radar. For beginners, it has a unique take on the battle system compared to the usual dime-a-dozen turn-based combat. This game utilises a card-based battle system that determines the characters' attacks and it offers plenty of flexibility and fun. Visuals are often key to leaving a good first impression, and Reverse 1999 wins in this aspect. Hence, fans of gachas with equally gritty atmospheres, like those found in Arknights and Punishing Gray Raven, will certainly find it to their taste.

The roster is the primary allure here, along with the usual waifus and husbandos of premier quality. A standout aspect would be the plentiful, bizarre list of characters ranging from a bloody UFO (below) to an apple. The character sprites are well-detailed in terms of the proportion and fluidity of their animations. The developer team has already set its sights on the international market, solidified by the fact that it is one of the few games that had its maiden release with full English voiceover - a practice seldom seen among games, save for the giants such as Nikke and Genshin.

My cue to loop the sensational meme song "Dancing Polish Cow" in my head.

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How to get into Reverse 1999 and the extra goodies?

Once again we are all overjoyed to be the harbinger of gleeful news: with May 31st being the official date the game graced the shores of the Chinese game market. There will be a test run, coined #TheUtopiaTest that will receive its first batch of testers and registration for it will commence on 22 July. Do seize this opportunity for first dibs on Reverse 1999 as well as glorious chances to win home some Google Play vouchers worth USD 50. Details are as follows:

Update: It's official, the beta test signup link is up! Grab your chance to revel in Reverse 1999

  • Type: Closed Beta Test
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Registration opens on: July 22, 2023 to July 31, 2023 
  • The test will commence on: August 4, 2023 to August 13, 2023 

Closed section

For the lucky ones, there are precious rewards for participating, starting with sharing the official webpage with your fellow buddies to rope them in and stand at most twenty chances to win fabulous goodies in their lucky roulette campaign. Fantastic prizes include an iPhone 14, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. For Weibo social butterflies, you can participate and share the official post with a glimmer of hope to win some prizes, including a 1999 Chinese Yuan cash reward limited to ten lucky winners as its grand prize. A pre-registration event is also in place and, for the final milestone, you will be rewarded with 10x pulls.

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