Reign of Swords: Episode II takes its turn on the iPhone

Take on the Dune Siren and Blood Gorger. Gulp!

Reign of Swords: Episode II takes its turn on the iPhone

We follow Punch Entertainment very closely here at Pocket Gamer, as its mobile interpretations of the excellent More Battles: Reign of Swords has had us hooked since early last year.

So we were naturally very excited to hear about the game coming to the iPhone, and equally chimmin' when we heard about a sequel, which just landed on the App Store this week.

The most important aspect of Reign of Swords: Episode II for players of the previous game is that you can take your army from the original Reign of Swords, and bring them with you as you go to battle in the new desert-themed maps of the Eastern Kingdom.

New units include Dune Siren, Blood Gorger (sounds like a pleasant chap), Crasftmen, Conjurer and the Ballistae. It also packs in a new 'robust' head-to-head multiplayer system, allowing you to fight it out together or play asynchronously with people who aren't online.

Reign of Swords: Episode II weighs in at £2.99, and there's a free version of the original game if you want to try before you die. Go check it out.